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Monday, 23 October 2017

Update: Capita TV Licensing Adjourns Case Against Vulnerable Polish Mother

A few days ago we wrote about Polish mother Mrs Tekla of Newport, Gwent.

Mrs Tekla, remember, only uses her TV set as a CCTV monitor to watch over her disabled son lying in bed.

She speaks barely any English, but the TV Licensing goon that visited her home considered it appropriate to conduct an interview under caution with her. That goon was refused entry to the property, so his evidence hinges entirely on the confused, hesitant, broken English comments of a scared and vulnerable woman.

In our previous article we urged TV Licensing to do the right thing and withdraw the prosecution immediately. It hasn't (yet) done that, but has instead decided to seek an adjournment until 10 am on 22nd November 2017. The case is being heard at Methyr Tydfil Magistrates' Court.

The reason for the adjournment, so TV Licensing says, is that its witness (the goon in question) is "indisposed" and therefore unable to attend on 25th October 2017 as planned.

Let's hope the goon feels a little bit better next month, when he's sure to get an enthusiastic reception on his attendance at court.

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Terminator said...

Wouldn't surprise me if when they get it to court, if they ever do, they will ask her the questions they claim to have asked her on the day, and as her English might have improved they will claim she knew what she was doing. The longer they delay the more chance she has of learning! Even if she is able to answer she should say my answer on the day was, but I didn't understand the question fully, or that the only words she knew were the ones she spoke on the day!

She should tell them, or someone acting on her behalf should tell them that she is taking action to recover all out of pocket expenses and any further action to recover out of pocket expenses will be added plus compensation for the stress caused.

Unknown said...

She should object to this 'adjournment' and insist that BBC/TVL proceed. If this is goes ahead it will SURELY be thrown out as BBC/TVL will have no choice but to offer 'no evidence'.

Admin said...

I don't think so Shakey, as they will have given her a few days notice and it is the prosecution's first adjournment request. She'd have more of a reason to object if they try the same stunt again in November.

Anonymous said...

she should keep all correspondence on file, if these goons seek a second adjournment on what appears to be spurious grounds, she may very well have grounds for undue harassment. she should also ask for a copy of the evidence the goons are relying on and state clearly that she will challenge any inconsistencies noted. its rather odd that TVL are seeking an adjournment following publicity of the case. that should also be considered as well

Maryon Jeane said...

Not completely relevant to this particular item, but I wondered if people had seen this discussion on Mumsnet?


There are clearly quite a few people out there who are still fooled and intimidated by Capita - and even people who are paying the licence fee when they actually *know* they don't need one!

Fred Bear said...

In my opinion, given that they'll probably use a non-legally trained Capita Court Presenter rather than a trained lawyer, it's likely that they'll drop the case at the last moment.