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Friday, 27 October 2017

BBC Launches Secret Investigation Into Fresh Sexual Assault Allegations

The BBC is carrying out a secret investigation into the conduct of a male radio presenter accused of sexually assaulting at least eight female colleagues.

The presenter, who cannot be named for legal reasons, would typically approach female colleagues and put his hand up their skirts to cop a feel.

Four of the women have provided written statements about the presenter's conduct to BBC bosses. They are said to have told the Controller of the BBC radio station in question that they want the culprit fired. The other four women are said to be "too scared" to provide statements in case it harms their careers. Now where have we heard that before?

Instead of removing the presenter from his post immediately, which would have undoubtedly drawn attention to his identity, the BBC is understood to have launched a secret investigation into his behaviour.

The BBC Investigations unit, which is staffed by former police officers, is leading the probe, amid fears that the presenter's alleged misconduct is more widespread. It would be fair to say the the unit has considerable recent experience of dealing with the BBC's resident perverts.

The presenter has regularly appeared on air since the allegations were made. He is said to have been "incredibly bold" in groping his co-workers in public places and in the presence of other people.

For all we can't name the man in question here, you can be pretty confident his name will be leaked sooner or later.

Keep your eyes peeled and we're sure that all will be revealed.

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