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Thursday 13 August 2015

Scottish TV Licensing Goon Assumes False Identity

A Scottish TV Licensing goon has sunk to an all time low by refusing to show his ID and falsely claiming to be from the gas board.

The visit took place at around 7.30 pm on the evening of Tuesday, 11th August 2015. The goon in question had to use the intercom to gain entry to the high rise block of flats, which is located on the outskirts of Glasgow.

He initially buzzed the occupier of flat 7F and identified himself as being from TV Licensing, which resulted in his request for access being denied. A few moments later, having somehow gained access to the building, the goon appeared at the door of flat 7F anyway.

The whole encounter, which features on YouTube, was recorded by the clued-up occupier of flat 7F. However, when it became apparent that the camera was rolling the goon quickly changed his story by denying he was from TV Licensing and pretending he was looking for the neighbouring flat, number 7E, instead.

Watching the video, you can almost smell the desperation oozing from the goon. His discomfort is palpable, as he carelessly stumbles his words in an effort to conceal his true identity. It takes him several minutes to think of the Scottish Gas cover story, which was instantly discredited by the revelation that the building, in common with most UK high rises, doesn't even have mains gas.

He would have had a lot more success playing the "I'm not from TV Licensing, honest" card if he hadn't already featured in four previous YouTube videos. In his last YouTube appearance, which was less than 3 months ago, he openly admitted being from TV Licensing. With his distinctive body art and slovenly bearing, there really is no mistaking this particular lowlife.

The BBC and Capita TV Licensing will read this article tomorrow. It would be refreshing if they took this miscreant in hand and explained the error of his ways.

Given that dishonesty is an integral part of the TV Licensing business, we'll not be holding our breath for too long.

Edit (16/8/15): We have amended this article slightly to provide more background information.

Edit (3/1/16): This TV Licensing goon has now been positively identified as Kenny Docherty of Glasgow. One of his former Army mates, clearly a bit embarrassed by Docherty's new found employment, ratted on him on Facebook.


Will.Grace said...

Gotta love it! The sooner they lose the license fee (tax) the better!

Admin said...

The BBC and Capita have been grazing this article like flies on shit.
They'll be so annoyed... that he got caught out!

Chris said...

Has this individual committed a criminal offence by misrepresenting himself?

Admin said...

Worrying thing is, even with the video evidence stacked against them, a lot of TV Licensing goons deny any wrongdoing on their part.

Chris said...

Given the article that followed (re police warning over fake goons) this individual should have been reported to the police as a suspected fake inspector of either/both TVL and the gas company. Capita aren't above the law but they act like they are because almost 100% of the time they get away with it. Only when they have to deal with the lawful repercussions of their disgusting behaviour will they learn their place and rein in their jack-booted dunces.