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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Welsh TV Licensing Man On Candid Camera

A new video appeared on YouTube yesterday showing a Welsh TV Licensing salesman plying his immoral trade around the Rhondda Valley.

The householder was in the bath at the time, but had enough time to grab his camera and start filming. Despite knowing he's on camera the TV Licensing goon makes little attempt to hide his identity and chats at the door for a good few minutes. TV Licensing's own guidance says their doorstep cold callers should terminate the conversation and leave at the first whiff of a camera, so perhaps this goon is unable to read the TV Licensing Visiting Procedures.

Unfortunately the video isn't clear enough to capture the goon's name when he shows his ID, but we do see he is driving a Daihatsu Hijet microvan with the registration number T565 LBO.

The entire visit is captured below with a follow up telephone call the householder made to TV Licensing. I've downloaded them in case they are removed from YouTube later on.


Maryon Jeane said...

I hope, when calling TV Licensing/Capita, you didn't use their expensive telephone number - otherwise you end up giving these people money. Anyone calling TV Licensing should use 0300 790 6071, which at least doesn't give them any cut of the call charge and is included in any bundle you have for call charges from either your landline or mobile provider.

Unknown said...

I agree.That's immoral.

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Anonymous said...

The Above Videos are mine that I posted up on youtube. That IS a very goof comment Maryon Jeane! I did use the 0300 790 6071. Also I have a sign on my door Withdrawing implied right of access to TV Licensing/Capita!
If anything else comes of this there will be more Videos going up!

Admin said...

Yep, that's him alright.
I would add that I'd prefer if you hadn't included his address... but as it would take all of 2 seconds for someone to find it on Google (as I just have) then it can stop.

Anonymous said...

I can't for the life of me see what the licensing man did wrong. He was very professional and maintained his dignity. Unless I'm really missing something, I think the video made the resident look rude.

Anonymous said...

Wy would you post the guys Name and address Jason?

Admin said...

On reflection I have removed the earlier comment giving this chap's address. Despicable as his company is, his address should not be aired here in public (not that it's difficult to find out elsewhere).

The name that was also given, Steve Maitland Thomas, I'm happy to leave as he's been positively identified.

Anonymous said...

I too think that the TV Licensing rep behaved impeccably, given that Mr Simons was deliberately trying to provoke him into action that could have resulted in his dismissal. Jason's subsequent complaint to TV Licensing claimed that their agent had been rude, which the video shows to be untrue, so why should they believe anything else he has to say ?


Admin said...

Never let it be said that we're afraid of balanced comment debate around here.

Looks like the Beeboids are out in force!

Anonymous said...

So, Jason, anyone who doesn't agree with your warped sense of justice is a 'beeboid' ?

The video and your vindictive phone call proves you are a liar and a search on 'Google' shows that you are apparently 'an internationally recognised hypnotherapist'. You are someone I would not want in my street, never mind my head.

Admin said...

For the record this guy "Jason" posted the video on YouTube, where I found it and blogged about it.

He is not associated with this blog.

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