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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

TV Licensing Goon Lies to Police Officer

A TV Licensing goon has been caught out lying to a police officer, according to a recent conversation on the Police UK Reddit group.

Redditor SmokeyNotTheBandit, a special constable, shared his experiences of a recent TV Licensing enquiry visit to his home. It should be stressed that we have no way of verifying SmokeyNotTheBandit's account or his status as a special constable, but he describes tactics employed by TV Licensing goons on numerous previous occasions.

The special constables of any territorial force in England or Wales have the same legal powers and jurisdiction as their paid counterparts.

Explaining his situation, the volunteer police officer said: "I have no TV aerial connection in my home, rely on on-demand services (minus iPlayer) so do not pay a licence fee, and haven't for 3-4 years. All reported and above board as per their process."

He went on to explain that a TV Licensing goon visited his home and requested access "for a standard inspection" to confirm that no TV licence was required.

SmokeyNotTheBandit wasn't in the mood for entertaining, so he politely declined the goon's offer and asked him to visit some other time instead.

It's at that point the TV Licensing goon's mask slipped.

"Mr Inspector got a bit shirty, and explained he has a warrant to enter the property!", the special constable said.

"I ask to see said warrant, and he backtracked and said he had powers of entry! I calmly replied that I didn't believe he has any powers and invited him to leave the porch. As I closed the door he uses his foot to stop the door.


"At this point I thought it best to present my warrant card as I really didn't know how else to proceed and told him that he really needed to leave. Needless to say he left (without saying a word and rather hastily) and I reported the encounter to his office.

"I'm seriously hoping this was a one off from a jumped up numpty rather than a something they all try and get away with. Someone less confident in the law could have been seriously manipulated by this tit."

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. We have heard of many similar cases in the past and it's entirely likely that this goon sings from the same dishonest song sheet at every property he visits. God only knows how many vulnerable people have been reeled in by his pretentious bullshit.

In the past we have seen TV Licensing goons trying to illegally force their way into people's homes, assault members of the public and tell barefaced lies on a very regular basis.

The BBC knows fine well the dishonest tactics employed by TV Licensing, but for whatever reason is happy to accept Capita's word that all is rosy and its goons are worthy of Papal Knighthoods. The BBC truly is deluded when it comes to acknowledging the crimes and abysmal conduct of TV Licensing goons.

It's about time the BBC apologised for the unscrupulous tactics employed by its TV Licensing contractors, instead of denying and turning a blind eye to them.

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Unknown said...

They all do it.they are all bully boys

Terminator said...

I would have arrested him if I was the copper claiming he tried to force entry with no legal powers to do so. See how long he kept his job after that stunt. I would also have recorded the whole incident but he might not have tried that being recorded.

Unknown said...

Maybe we all should put pressure on our local mps to call for the tvl to be scrapped if they want to keep their seat

Anonymous said...

The fact that he has an aerial connected is completely irrelevant. I have a car that does 155mph - that doesn't mean I go that first.

Mr.Nobody said...

Surely he must have (at least technically) committed some criminal offence? Should have arrested him.