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Friday 14 December 2012

TV Licensing Goon Forces Door Handle

A YouTube video has come to light showing the desperate lengths some TV Licensing employees will go to in order to secure their commission payment.

The CCTV footage was captured on 9th October 2012 in Hartlepool. It shows a TV Licensing visiting officer conducting routine enquiries at the address in question. Inside the TV-free property was a lone female and her young child. She answered the door and spoke with the goon for a few moments, before telling him that she was going to telephone her partner. It was at this stage, as the video clearly shows, that she tentatively closed the door leaving the TV Licensing man out in the cold.

Just then, in an apparent pique of rage, the goon snatched at the door handle and attempted to push the door back open. One can only imagine the terror that must have gone through the woman's mind at the moment the undesirable stranger, with no more legal rights than any other visitor, snatched the door handle from her grasp. This incident happened a ten minute drive away from where Gary Catterick, a TV Licensing visiting officer at the time, raped his pregnant victim in Middlesbrough.

A TV licence is only required for those properties where equipment is used to receive television programme services. TV Licensing is a trading name used by companies contracted by the BBC to administer the collection and enforcement of the fee. Capita Business Services Ltd is the TV Licensing contractor that employed the star of this video.

We have known about this video since mid-October, but are only publishing it now because Cleveland Police has decided to take no further action against the door snatching goon.

The goon, who we're informed is now an ex-employee of Capita, managed to avoid further police action by telling them that his foot became trapped in the door when the woman closed it. According to him he only tried the door handle in an effort to release his foot. Yes, we're smelling bullshit as well!

Below is a still image of the moment he grabs at the door.

We consider the goon's explanation extremely implausible, as the video clearly shows how slowly the door is closed. Furthermore, the goon's aggression is not a pained reflex action, as there is a small time lag between the door closing and him grabbing at the handle. The still image shows that the door is a very good fit to the frame, which seems to preclude the idea that anything was wedged in the bottom of it. Indeed the door fits as snuggly to the frame as it did at the start of the video before it had even been opened. We also doubt that the woman would have been able to close the door fully, as she apparently did, had a man's foot been obstructing the way.

In our opinion this chancer has given a creative account to the police, which they appear to have swallowed. Please view the video and make up your own mind. Was this an act of aggression designed to scare the lone female occupant into buying a TV licence she doesn't legally need?

We certainly think so.

Edit: BBC documents have now been released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, which corroborate our story above. View them here.


Anonymous said...

Well let us hope that this goon sees the inside of a prison cell, and the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Now an ex Capita goon. Sacked or left voluntarily I wonder? Either way I'd say him leaving proves one thing-he was in the wrong to do what he did.

'My foot was trapped in the door' simply doesn't wash does it. Why the hell would his foot be anywhere near the door when he clearly wasn't invited in? The police has swallowed his lies but I can't see the public doing the same when they see this video.

More proof of how disguntingly goons behave when they don't realise they are being filmed.

TV Licensing Watch said...

Thank you very much for this blogpost. A particularly nasty, bullying TV Licensing specimen.
His foot was clearly not trapped in the door and even if it had been TV Licensing Visiting Procedures forbid obstructing the closing of a door. If he was prepared to lie about that what did he lie about in the course of of his "work"? In particular the taking of Prosecution Statements to gain successful prosecutions.
As for the inaction of the Police in this case by deciding not to take any further action. Little wonder Police have little or no standing any more.

Veg said...

That woman was very lucky it was nothing worse. Recent case of Gary Catterick, TVL/Capita/BBC scumbag, who raped a pregnant woman in her own home.
Not to mention the other TVL pervs that spy on kiddies etc.
About time the BBC was forced to stop bullying and intimidating some of the most vulnerable and poorest members of society over watching a live tv programme.

TV Licensing Goon said...

This is almost textbook. He should have stuck his foot in the door.