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If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Sunday, 11 August 2019

BBC Squanders £300k on Unused Fares and Hotel Bookings

The BBC is again under fire for the relentless way it pisses TV licence fee payers' money against a wall.

Figures obtained by the Sunday Express show that over the last 4 years the national broadcaster paid for 4,407 rail tickets, 1,339 taxi journeys and 568 hotel rooms that went unused and unrefunded.

Aborted rail journeys cost the BBC £219,000; abandoned taxi journeys cost £21,000; and unused hotel rooms cost £57,000.

Simon Richards, chief executive of the Freedom Association, said: "At a time when many families are watching every penny in order to afford a summer holiday for their children, the BBC has admitted to wasting over £200,000 on cancelled rail fares.

"It's a sign of a cavalier attitude to TV licence payers’ money, at a time when the BBC is intent on scrapping free licences for the elderly.

"The BBC not only splashes out excessive salaries to millionaires, such as Gary Lineker, but seems incapable of exercising the kind of basic avoidance of waste licence payers have to exercise in their everyday lives.

"It's time to axe the TV tax and make the BBC follow the same disciplines as private sector broadcasters."

With the cost of a BBC TV licence having recently risen to £154.50, this latest BBC splurge is the equivalent of around 2,000 TV licence fees.

This most recent example of BBC financial impropriety follows hot on the heals of the Corporation's decision to tighten the eligibility criteria of the "free"over-75 TV licence, having told the Government that it was too impoverished to continue funding the full concession.

A BBC spokesman said: "As a 24-hour international broadcaster, a significant amount of travel is inevitable and the nature of our work means plans can often change at short notice.

"We are always mindful of costs and have strict policies in place.

"Overall we have cut costs and made significant savings so 95 per cent of the money we control is spent on what matters most – the content and services our audiences love."

The content our audiences love? Deluded much?!

There has never been a better time to cancel your BBC TV licence, starve the beast and take up an alternative legally-licence-free mode of viewing.

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Crapita said...

It's a typical BBC response: "We may be prolifigate with your money but we're totally worth it and you're lucky to have us because we know what's best for you". As far as Im concerned they can take the TV licence and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

Anonymous said...

Despite their constant harassment they won't be getting a single penny from me, ever.

Unknown said...

The BBC never worry about spending money After all its not theirs its the licence payers who basically have a life sentence to fund the BBC

Anonymous said...

3mnths ago I declared NLN thinking it was the right thing to do. Boy was I wrong. No end of harassment, officers asking for me and I'm never home so they ask for the bill payer instead (even though they know I declared NLN) I'm on verge of losing it with them. 1 more letter or visit and they will hear me.