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Saturday, 10 February 2018

TV Licensing Own Goal on Evasion Rates

Another day, another newspaper piece planted by TV Licensing's massed army of truth-spinning, deceit-weaving PR harlots.

Those ever so helpful people at TV Licensing have been telling The Daily Mirror about the number of people really dodging the TV licence fee.

According to TV Licensing, around 94 percent of properties are correctly licensed. Presumably, by TV Licensing's warped logic, that means 6 percent of properties are inhabited by licence dodging scum.

The BBC uses statistical methods to estimate the evasion rate. It has no way of knowing for certain how accurate that 94 percent figure is, because it has been generated by computer modelling rather than field intelligence.

Contrary to the lies often peddled by TV Licensing, it does not know the location of every unlicensed property. Furthermore, and far more worrying, it often mistakes those properties with a valid TV licence for those that don't. Just have a quick Google or search on Twitter if you don't believe us - every day hundreds of legitimate TV licence holders complain about being wrongly harangued by the BBC's militant revenue generation arm.

We could talk all day about the relentless stream of bullshit regurgitated by TV Licensing's PR donkeys, but alas we're deviating slightly from the point.

The point we really want to highlight, as mentioned in today's Mirror article, is the fact that the number of unlicensed properties has not changed in the last five years.

For each of the last five years the BBC has spent £100m administering and enforcing the TV licence fee, yet by TV Licensing's own admission the number of evaders hasn't fallen. What exactly has hapless operations contractor Capita been doing for the last five years? Apart from running its business into the ground and pissing its profits against the wall? It certainly hasn't been delivering the quality of service the BBC and licence payer expects.

Hopefully, with Capita lurching from one disaster to another, the BBC will come to recognise it for the hindrance and liability it actually is. Even though the licence fee looks set to stay, Capita could easily be jettisoned. It certainly should be.

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Heinz said...

Capita sure is an abhorrent company.

nonroadusr said...

"yet by TV Licensing's own admission the number of [ALLEGED] evaders hasn't fallen."

Not everyone without a TV Licence is an evader :-)

Admin said...

Very true. But to TV Licensing they are!

Dean Stockton said...

According to their records, I might get some letters from them this year, Never mind I will send them back as NOT KNOWN AT THIS ADDRESS! Then they will start with RESIDENT/OCCUPIER/ LEGAL OCCUPIER they will be sent back with the same message attached. They dare to turn up I will say "Got a Warrant?" If they say yes I will ask to read it and if they claim to not have it on them then they will be told in no uncertain terms to "F*CK OFF!" Even if they have the police in tow if they will not let me read the warrant they won't get through the door.

Fred Bear said...

"Every day more than 700 people are caught" - but that only works out at two code 8s per clown-goon. Given how much the goon-force are dependent on commission, I'd say there's hard times for out clown friends at the moment. In 2015 they were claiming to catch 1,000 "evaders" per day. That's a massive drop in commission in less than three years.