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This blog is to highlight the unjust persecution of legitimate non-TV users at the hands of TV Licensing. These people do not require a licence and are entitled to live without the unnecessary stress and inconvenience caused by TV Licensing's correspondence and employees.

If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Belfast TV Licensing Goon Paul Bale Caught Again

Northern Irish TV Licensing goon Paul Bale - a bit of a YouTube celebrity, having already starred in no less than five previous goon videos - has managed to land in front of the camera again.

He was visiting a property in Belfast on 18th April 2017. The occupier answered the door and quickly established that Bale was a TV Licensing goon. The occupier then nipped back inside for a camera, before returning to film Bale on the doorstep. Bale read out the address he was visiting a couple of times and then started to retreat down the street. The occupier followed Bale and sensibly kept the camera rolling, thus maintaining an accurate record of the encounter. We suspect that Bale walked straight past his own vehicle in an effort to throw his pursuer off the scent. The pair continued down the street and then Bale entered a public building in an effort to seek salvation. The occupier continued to film Bale as he tried to escape in a lift.

We do not like Bale, because he has previously been caught telling lies on camera. In his very first YouTube video, which we discussed in this earlier article, he twice denied being from TV Licensing and then denied that his car was his. Of course TV Licensing total dismisses the notion that its goons would ever act dishonestly during a visit, but the videos speak for themselves.

Legally-licence-free people, like the creator of this latest video offering, have no business with TV Licensing. They are advised to completely ignore TV Licensing - bin its letters unopened and close the door on its scummy operatives.

TV Licensing cannot be trusted.

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Unknown said...

I really dont like admiting this, but I actualy like this goon, hes a fuuny man and I hope to see a lot more of him in the future !

Admin said...

He certainly looks funny in the image we've posted above. Has a shocked look similar to that of a man caught in a wank cinema.

Anonymous said...

So, Admin, That's where Paul Bale tells me he's seen you before: in a 'wank' cinema that you regularly frequent instead of doing it at home in front of your own TV that you've bought a colour TV Licence for. Very, very cheaply priced at £147.50. Signed: I. Doyle.

Admin said...

I thought you'd been given the flick for revealing too many of Crapita's dirty little secrets?

Anonymous said...

No! That hasn't happened nor will it! In fact, one has been promoted to an higher-ranking position in which I have been asked to provide very effective ways of prosecuting a certain type of TV Licence evader who (as our studies reveal) is also a long-standing serial sexual pervert/deviant in his/her own private life in addition to being a serial TV Licence evader and I have now been asked if I can come up with very effective ways of entrapment to that end. As you fully know, the British TV Licence system is fully here to stay and it is the very abnormal evading community that must be fully brought to justice year in, year out. Signed: I. Doyle.

Admin said...

As you've probably gathered, I don't attach too much value to any of your studies or research. Bigger works of fantasy than most of the evidence offered up in the pursuit of "evaders".

Anonymous said...

Well Admin, under a future government (of any political persuasion) it will be the law that ALL households will be required to have a 'TV Licence' of sorts like it or lump it; this will be known as the 'Broadcasting Levi', or thereabouts, it will be more expensive than £147.50 and every household WILL HAVE TO PAY IT to support the British much beloved BBC. There WILL BE NO arguing with officers who have the duty to collect it either AND YOU MUST AND WILL PAY IT. This will certainly root out the real 'TV Licence evaders' in this country and they will be very easy to spot and, above all else, the beauty of all of this is that no "detection" methods will be required on the governments part as you must pay this in a similar fashion to all those workers who get P.A.Y.E. sums removed from their wages weekly. A beautiful system designed to beat the true criminal money evader or chronic "free-loader" on society. And, of course, it goes without saying too that websites like this will be totally illegal in advising people to 'dodge' or not to pay this mandatory levi as that too will be a very serious criminal offence punishable by a long custodial sentence. Signed: I. Doyle.

Admin said...

A long custodial sentence? Now I know you're joking. That'll be "a long custodial sentence" in the same fashion as a "£1,000 fine".

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no joking here. But I can see why a long custodial sentence is already causing some very unpleasant accidental defecating of personal underwear of all those who have already seen fit to advise people to go 'legally licence free' over the last few years on the internet; obviously these prison terms will be exclusively reserved for those owners of all these anti-TV Licence websites and they will be fully immersed in all the unpleasant stuff - and all of their own making too. These are people who simply cannot get their head around the mantra that if the government says you will pay up with this broadcasting levi charge then YOU WILL do just that. Signed: I. Doyle.