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If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Top Ten Lies Told by TV Licensing

TV Licensing has just released its latest tranche of canned press releases to newspapers across the land.

This time, in common with every other time it needs a bit of a publicity boost, TV Licensing is focusing on the weird and wonderful excuses supposedly given for non-payment of the TV licence fee. It's one of TV Licensing's favourite stories, which it regurgitates ad nauseum. 

Of course there is no way of corroborating any of the excuses given by TV Licensing, which we know, as a matter of fact, has previously told lies on the doorstep and in its promotional material. For some obscure reason the newspapers are still quite happy to print any fantastical tripe originating from the dysfunctional mind of a TV Licensing PR harlot.

Here, to redress the balance, we present ten TV Licensing lies:

1. TV Licensing lie: "Whatever you're watching; however you're watching it; your home needs a TV licence".
Source: A TV Licensing threatogram (see here).
TV Licensing truth: This is such a bare-faced lie that the truth speaks for it self. A TV licence is only needed for those properties where equipment is installed or used to receive TV programme services.

2. TV Licensing lie: "I'm not from TV Licensing".
Source: A TV Licensing goon speaking to the occupier of a correctly unlicensed property (see here).
TV Licensing truth: The same TV Licensing goon, Paul Bale, has been captured on video several times. His TV Licensing ID card was clearly displayed in one of those videos. We are aware of a more recent incident where a proven TV Licensing goon, operating in the Glasgow area, denied his affiliation to TV Licensing and dishonestly claimed to be from Scottish Gas (see here).

3. TV Licensing lie: "I didn't assault you".
Source: A TV Licensing goon speaking to the occupier of a correctly unlicensed property in the Redcar and Cleveland village of Carlin How (see here).
TV Licensing truth: The footage of this incident shows quite clearly that the goon did hit the occupier. It will be difficult even for TV Licensing to pretend otherwise.

4. TV Licensing lie: "We are not aggressive or threatening".
Source: This statement comes directly from TV Licensing's brand philosophy (more here).
TV Licensing truth: We know of many occasions where TV Licensing goons have been threatening and aggressive (see here, here, here and here for starters).

5. TV Licensing lie: "If you take an image of me and use it without my express approval then you're in breach of the Data Protection Act".
Source: Scruffy-looking barrack-room lawyer TV Licensing goon during a visit to a correctly unlicensed property (see here).
TV Licensing truth: It is perfectly legal, and positively encouraged, for the occupier of a property to film TV Licensing goons that visit that property or in a public place.

6. TV Licensing lie: "That's not my car".
Source: TV Licensing goon Paul Bale, speaking to the disgruntled occupier of a correctly unlicensed property (see here).
TV Licensing truth: A second video showed Bale driving the exact same car only a few weeks earlier.

7. TV Licensing lie: "We will not prosecute you".
Source: That's what TV Licensing told grieving widower Marcus Greenhouse, who understandably forgot to pay the TV licence fee shortly after the tragic death of his wife. Marcus paid the TV licence fee as soon as the genuine oversight was brought to his attention (see here).
TV Licensing truth: TV Licensing, in a further demonstration of their wayward moral compass, decided it was in the public interest to prosecute Marcus regardless.

8. TV Licensing lie: "TV Licensing will not accept an invoice for time and costs".
Source: That's what TV Licensing told our reader Phil, when he indicated his intention to take legal action against them (see here).
TV Licensing truth: TV Licensing was successfully sued and did eventually pay Phil's claim in full. We encourage others to follow suit.

9. TV Licensing lie: "One of the most prolific YouTube/bloggers (The Jesus of Kayaking) has repeatedly threatened violence against any TV Licensing goon".
Source: An email produced by a member of the BBC TV Licensing team, trying to rally the troops into battle against the evil forces at work on YouTube and in the blogosphere. Evil forces just like us actually! (see here).
TV Licensing truth: We are big fans of the YouTube channel in question and have never seen anything that remotely threatens violence against TV Licensing goons. Still, let's not let the truth stand in the way of a good story, eh TV Licensing?

10. TV Licensing lie: "I've now deleted your address from our system, which will stop any further letters being sent to you".
Source: A letter from TV Licensing to a licence-holder who had wrongly been receiving threatograms (see here).
TV Licensing truth: Much to the occupier's exasperation, TV Licensing continued to send threatograms to the correctly licensed address.

That is ten examples of TV Licensing telling bare-faced lies, with corroborable evidence supporting the fact. 

TV Licensing don't provide any evidence at all to support the tripe they plant in the newspapers.


Anonymous said...

I cancelled my tv licence earlier in the year in disgust at the BBC bias over the Scottish referendum. I disconnect my tv, and did everything legally. I even received a refund from the licencing company. I got a letter today telling me that my licence would expire on December 31 and asking me for money.

How useless are these people?

Anonymous said...

well done its about time people stood up to these big corporations that think they are above the law

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anything to stop this disgusting company helps,if they threaten me i wii take them to court of human rights,if we still have any left

Admin said...

Don't know much about Roku, but if you use it to watch channels that are broadcast to the wider public at the same time, then you would probably need a TV licence.

On this occasion, please note we are not entirely sure how Roku works. Please bear that in mind before acting on our advice.

Anonymous said...

I have freesat (hint in name) FREE do not have a licensing at work all day and i do not answer front door so F**k that lot

Fred Bear said...

What TVL don't say is that most of the people prosecuted for TV licence evasion are stay-at-home mums or are living on one or other state benefit. Not because they are more likely than any other part of society to be TV licence evaders but because they offer 'easy pickings' for the goon squad, who are only interested in their commission.

Admin said...

Totally correct.

I can also confirm that TV Licensing has not one ounce of compassion when dealing with its underprivileged prosecution victims.

I have been to court hearings where the Crapita Court Presenter demands his/her £120 costs from people without a pot to piss in.

TV Licensing performing in court is perhaps the most sickening circus in any town.

Anonymous said...

I receive these annoying threats of 'court action' from TV licencing on a monthly basis since moving here 18mnths ago. I have not yet had a visit ( unfortunately ��)
I will not pay for biased news reporting nor will I support the filthy BBC.
I wish they'd put thier paper to better use..

Unknown said...

If the programmes are live as they are broadcast then you need a license. If they are on demand, then you don't.


Why are tv licensing still at it? ...we are now in the digital age! ...join us or die!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do the Capita Goons not go to other ethnic areas? You never hear of foreign nationals been hammered in the UK.

Unknown said...

Actually I've now spoke to several people who are from Korea and watch Korean TV Polish who watch Polish TV and the TV licence has told them they have to pay no matter what they are watching. They are liars not given out the true facts. I have cancelled yet they come to my home taking pics of my home of old wires I use good old netflix so I refuse to pay for bbc live rubbish especially since they decided to charge 75 year old and if your deaf or blind you get a reduced licence. It is old out of date system run by bullies even worse they blatent lie to people from other countries who live here wrong.