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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

BBC's The One Show in Schoolgirl Exposure Clanger

Tonight's BBC The One Show made an embarrassing blunder, when it inadvertently broadcast an image appearing to show a schoolgirl's underwear.

The girl, shown playing with a mobile phone, appeared in a still photograph during a feature about school dinners.

In what was clearly a staged photograph, the girl was sat in a contemporary looking school dining room. She was seated in what can only be described as a very relaxed and somewhat revealing pose.

You would think, given the BBC's previous mismanagement of child safeguarding issues, that it would scrutinise very closely any footage featuring school children. Apparently not.

Despite the BBC's attention having been drawn to the revealing image, it still remains on the BBC iPlayer several hours after broadcast.

We would not be surprised at all if the offending image had been signed off by a senior BBC executive, but somehow doubt anyone will admit their mistake or take responsibility for it.

This story may play out in the news in days to come, so we'll be keeping an eye out for developments.

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Antonia Vanna Delgado said...

They appear to have an odd obession with school girls. They never learn or simply do not care. You choose.

Anonymous said...

They are busy trying to reduce the age of consent. The BBC is controlled by nonce scum. This is why I do not watch TV and I reject their methods of subliminal messaging to force viewers into an Alpha State to accept their perversion.