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Thursday, 5 January 2012

TV Licensing Detector Van Challenge

The gauntlet has been thrown down to TV Licensing by the owner of the onlywhenpissed channel on YouTube.

The challenge is quite simple: Go around to his property (he'll confirm that by providing the reference number printed on the menacing letters they send him), make their "magical" detection equipment do its stuff and prove which room he has a TV set in.

Just to make the challenge interesting onlywhenpissed says: "I am reconnecting my aerial NOW so come on TVL it's up to you. The television will be receiving live signals as they are broadcast between 9am 'til 10pm until 4th February 2012."

"£1000 payable if you (TVL) can do it plus a further £1000 to any charity of your choosing."

If they take up the challenge it will dispel once and for all the myth that detector vans are an absolute crock, designed more to instill fear than intercept TV signals. Not that it's much of a myth, given the BBC has already confirmed to us they don't rate "detection evidence" enough to present it in open court.

TV Licensing: Please do get in touch with him. Next time you're airbrushing YouTube look up his details and drop him a line!

1 comment:

GRP Lining Services. said...

It was a no show.

TVL did not accept my challenge.

What does that tell me? Either they never found the video (doubtful) or they did not have the ability to find the tv.