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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Capita TV Licensing Airbrushing the Web

Capita Business Services Ltd. is orchestrating the removal of TV Licensing critical material from Google, according to the latest Freedom of Information Act response by the BBC.

We asked the BBC about their recent involvement in the removal of material from YouTube.

The BBC confirmed that although they hadn't requested the removal of the material Capita Business Services Ltd, the current (but not for much longer) holder of the BBC TV licence operations contract, had.

"We are happy to tell you that Capita have occasionally written to such sites requesting removal of content where there has been a concern that one of their employees is identified by footage on a site which could potentially leave them vulnerable to physical harm or harassment either whilst they are at work or off duty.

"However, where Capita has done so it has acted on its own behalf, not on behalf of TV Licensing. Such requests have not been made under the BBC’s instruction, nor to protect the image of Capita or TVL; These requests have only been made by Capita out of the duty of care they have for their own employees’ safety."

It is perfectly legal for anyone to film TV Licensing employees in the course of their duties and publish the material on the web. Capita has obviously taken exception to this point of law and decided to exert their famous imaginary sense of authority to censor people's video footage.

The full trail of our request can be found on the WhatDoTheyKnow.com website.

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