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If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

WOIRA Dodging TV Licensing Man Challenged

Regular readers will know that TV Licensing rely on the common law right of access when visiting a person's property to investigate their licence-free status.

For historical reasons there is an implied right of access that allows delivery people and suchlike access to a property as they go about their business. This right of access can be removed by the lawful occupier in a process known as Withdrawal of Implied Right of Access (WOIRA).

An increasing number of legitimate non-TV licence holders are turning to WOIRA as a solution to TV Licensing doorstep harassment and intimidation. People are increasingly frustrated that if they go out of their way to confirm they don't need a licence they will be rewarded with a disbelieving intrusive visit by TV Licensing's employees.

Anyone can write to TV Licensing and inform them that their implied right of access has been removed. TV Licensing are legally obliged to comply with this instruction and are liable to civil action for trespass if they don't. The legal occupier giving a WOIRA instruction does not need to give their name for the instruction to be valid.

Video sharing website YouTube, scourge of TV Licensing employees and censorship target of Capita Business Services Ltd., features another video showing TV Licensing's blatant disregard for WOIRA.

The video appears below for your perusal. TV Licensing's Steve Whiteley claims he didn't know about the WOIRA until he knocked on the door even though the occupier had received written confirmation his instructions had been received by TV Licensing. On this occasion the occupier engages in too much conversation, which results in him spouting "freeman of the land" nonsense. Whiteley, to his credit, remains civil and tries to get away as quickly as he can for a man having his ears chewed off.

The same uploader has another video from a few months earlier in his back catalogue, which reveals a TV Licensing employee giving disinformation during an enforcement visit.

This TV Licensing man gives the distinct impression that a licence is needed just to own a TV, which we all know is complete and utter tosh.

Unfortunately the occupier loses the upperhand here by coming out with the following: "I'm a freeman of the land mate. Acts of Parliament, which are commercial law, do not apply to me unless I consent... I'm not actually covered by UK jurisdiction my friend... This land here is actually a Sovereign nation within the UK."

Obviously a 24 carat nutcase!

Even more worrying is that this freeman is training to be a lawyer.

Fortunately the occupier does confirm in this earlier video that he has removed TV Licensing's implied rights of access, which gives added weight to the fact that Mr Whiteley above is breaking his valid WOIRA instruction later on.

How long before Capita try to have these deleted from YouTube? Answers on a postcard please!

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Anonymous said...

Hi again, thedailynag here! This is exactly what happened to me (see http://thedailynag.wordpress.com/), where TVL have now trespassed against a WOIRA 3 times! I have so far managed to get a goodwill gesture of £100 out of them, but have refused this amount on the basis that it is too low. Does anyone else have experience of how to take things further in the case of a breached WOIRA? I'd be very grateful! I would recommend the people mentioned above also go ahead and make a complaint- they will offer £30 at first, then £75 and finally, if you really have the patience, £100. Good luck!