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Saturday, 12 November 2011

TV Licensing Doorstep Evasiveness

Another video has appeared on YouTube highlighting the dubious doorstep practices of TV Licensing.

It is clearly dark when the occupier answers the door to two silhouetted figures on his doorstep. One of the darkened figures starts with TV Licensing's favourite introduction "I'm just looking for the occupier." Clearly on the ball the occupier responds with "who are you?" 

TV Licensing's own Visiting Officer Procedures outline that their employees should identify themselves at this point, but this wise guy tries to dodge the question with "[garbled bullshit] do you stay here, yes?" Doing remarkably well to retain his composure the occupier again asks "who are you?" The shadowy TV Licensing man then has the audacity to reply "well, I don't think I can tell you that" before the occupier quite rightly closes the door on him.

Only TV Licensing would have the arrogance to bang on your door when it's dark outside and refuse to say who they are when they had been asked to twice. No doubt their tactics work remarkably well when dealing with little old ladies who live on their own.

As the darkness outside masks the true identity of these individuals I do not expect Capita to censor their inclusion on the web. Just to be on the safe side I have downloaded the video for future reference.

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