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Friday, 9 September 2011

Enquiry Officer Code of Conduct

Dan McGregor of the BBC TV Licensing Management Team, regular visitors to this parish, has just quoted the following "Code of Conduct" for TV Licensing Enquiry Officers.

In the course of their duties TV Licensing people should:
  • Prove their identity, be polite and explain why they are visiting. 
  • Only enter a property if they are given permission. 
  • Always leave the premises if asked to do so. 
  • Take a statement, if necessary, signed by the interviewee, making sure the interviewee is aware of the consequences of a statement. 
  • Neither threaten nor intimidate.
In his recent FOIA response (RFI20111072) he seems to have omitted any mention of committing rape, fraud, theft or assault.

Fortunately we didn't as the following articles confirm:
TV Licensing Man Commits Rape
Criminal TV Licensing Employees

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