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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

BBC/TV Licensing: We Don't Post Anonymously

The BBC has confirmed that neither they, nor their TV Licensing companies, post anonymously on web forums.

In a recent Freedom of Information Act request we sought to establish whether the BBC and/or TV Licensing, who will undoubtedly read this post today, had produced any internal documents relating to several of the nation's leading anti-TV Licensing websites including this one.

The other sites included in our request were:

Much to our amazement, given the fact they're here almost every day, BBC lawyer Dan McGregor, of the TV Licensing Revenue Management Team, said they hadn't produced any documents within the scope of our request. He did say that one document, quoting a TV Licensing critical Facebook post, indirectly mentioned a couple of the sites listed above.

We also asked them to reveal the usernames of BBC and/or TV Licensing employees engaged with spreading BBC love on various web forums. Their response was the following:

"TV Licensing (including both the BBC and the companies contracted to TV Licensing) does not, in the course of its official TV Licensing duties have usernames for the other web communities listed above. I also confirm that TV Licensing (including both the BBC and the companies contracted to TV Licensing) would not post to an online community without openly disclosing its affiliation to TV Licensing."

The full text of our request and subsequent BBC response can be found here.

I find it absolutely astonishing that the BBC is so arrogantly unfazed by our collective endeavours that we've not been mentioned in a single document.

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