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This blog is to highlight the unjust persecution of legitimate non-TV users at the hands of TV Licensing. These people do not require a licence and are entitled to live without the unnecessary stress and inconvenience caused by TV Licensing's correspondence and employees.

If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Sunday, 17 June 2018

TV Licensing World Cup Propaganda

Yawn. It was only a matter of time before TV Licensing started to fill the newspapers with threats targeted at World Cup football fans.

The first England match of the tournament kicks off against Tunisia next Monday evening.

To coincide with that monumental occasion, TV Licensing's massed army of PR harlots, or deceit weavers as we also call them, have been out in force peddling scare stories about court appearances, £1,000 fines and criminal records.

Cody Want, TV Licensing shit gargler for the London & South East region, said: "Whether you're a seasoned England fan, experienced in the disappointments of being knocked out, or optimistic that a team of young hopefuls can finally deliver success, the competition is sure to bring some surprises.

"What is certain is that if you're watching games live on TV, live online, via a device such as a tablet, PC, games console or mobile phone, then you'll need a TV Licence. You'll also need a licence to watch any highlights on iPlayer."

Or not, as the case might be.

Remember that a TV licence is only needed if equipment is used to receive TV programmes at the same time as they are broadcast. Additionally, from 1st September 2016, a TV licence is needed to watch on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer. 

Even so, there are several ways you can enjoy the best World Cup matches perfectly legally without a TV licence. Here are just a few:

1. Watch on-demand via a non-BBC service: You do not need a licence to enjoy previously broadcast non-live coverage on the ITV Hub or YouTube for example.

2. Watch live at a friend's place: If they've got a TV licence you could go and watch their telly instead. If you didn't want to impose you could take your laptop around and stream live TV via their broadband connection.

3. Watch live at the pub/club: If you're a cheapskate you can sip slowly on your half of tap water. That should make it last just enough time to watch the match.

4. Watch live at your local electrical retailer: Electrical retailers do not need a TV licence for their display sets. If you're a bit of a cheapskate you could visit Currys and watch the best events there.

5. Become a TV engineer: If you're a TV fixer upper then you do not need a TV licence to test equipment you're working on.

We don't condone anyone taking a chance by watching the World Cup without a valid TV licence. That said, we're so not bothered if anyone chooses to do just that!

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Friday, 15 June 2018

Amplifying TV Licensing Criticism

As most readers will already know, there is nothing TV Licensing likes better than coercing payment from people with no legal need for a TV licence.

We're not just saying that for effect - it is an absolute fact, supported by the BBC's own statistic that more than 80% of TV Licensing threatograms are destined for properties that do not legally require a TV licence. The occupiers of many of those properties have told TV Licensing - sometimes countless times - that they do not legally require a TV licence, yet TV Licensing harasses them anyway.

Bizarrely, for an organisation that generates vast swathes of negative publicity, TV Licensing absolutely hates it when people air its dirty laundry in public. That being the case, we would encourage everyone to regularly share TV Licensing critical content far and wide.

Some examples of critical content appearing on Twitter in the last 24 hours:

  • By @56Heatherbelle: "@tvlicensing why are you threatening to send some agent to my house when I pay my TV licence by Direct Debit? Best you sort yourselves out. Of course I'm going to ignore your letters. This doesn't concern me #getyourfactsright"
  • By @Gareth_Parsons1: "@tvlicensing sending threatening letters to my dead father's address is not on. I've informed you of the situation!"
  • By @rosedales: "@tvlicensing so fed up of receiving harassment letters from you! I have declared pointless times that the property is empty. I should just let you waste more time and money to 'investigate' because you just do not listen! Can't believe the threatening tone in your letters!"
  • By @trevormwilson: "@tvlicensing Please stop harassing me. I am perfectly aware of the circumstances that would require me to have a TV licence and I have told you already that I don't require one."
  • By @wambamfran: "The TV licence people are actual money robbing bastards LMAO. Someone abolish them please."
  • By @xjechtx: "@tvlicensing I've received 7 of these (threatograms) this year alone. Can you fuck off?"
We're sure that thousands of innocent people wrongly hounded by TV Licensing will agree with that final sentiment.

If you've got a social media account please get on there and push TV Licensing critical content whenever you see it.

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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Bradford TV Licensing Goon William Meets James

After a recent lack of TV Licensing goon videos - and TV Licensing Blog articles - we're pleased to say that our noble friend and colleague James has captured a TV Licensing goon by the name of William in Bradford.

James, long-term readers might remember, was previously victim to TV Licensing's abuse of legal process. His home was searched under warrant, but no evidence of unlicensed TV reception was ever discovered. Through dogged determination James was able to establish that Capita Business Services - the much maligned BBC contractor responsible for TV licence administration and enforcement - had obtained the warrant by what we'll politely describe as questionable methods. You can read some of the back story in our earlier article.

Anyway, back to matters at hand. In his latest video James gives goon William a no holds barred summary of TV Licensing's past misdemeanours. Goon William, who is clearly in awe at James' comprehensive knowledge of TV Licensing malpractice, looks confused as he is bombarded with information about dodgy depositions, doorstep threats, performance related bonuses and the BBC sex abuse scandal.

The visit took place yesterday, shortly after 4 pm.

Goon William, to give him his due, was pretty mild-mannered as far as TV Licensing knuckle-draggers go.

It has to be stressed, just in case the BBC and/or TV Licensing attempt to contort the facts of this visit, that James remained calm and polite throughout and said nothing at all to indicate he needed a TV licence.

Of course that's no guarantee that TV Licensing will leave him in peace, as history shows how they like to harass and intimidate their critics.

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