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If you use equipment to receive live broadcast television programmes then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

TV Licensing Threatograms Received by Landlord of Vacant Property

It's not that often that we're forwarded TV Licensing threatograms, but we're grateful to our reader Jim for doing just that.

Jim explained that he'd recently purchased a property that he intends to let. He has been fixing up the house, which needs a bit of work prior to his first tenants moving in. The property is currently empty, save for a few bin bags full of rubbish, tools and decorating equipment.

March 2016 TV Licensing threatogram, front and rear views.
There is no TV receiving equipment within the property, but just as expected Jim has received a TV Licensing threatogram every month since the previous owners moved out.

He goes onto explain: "Most days I'm at the new house and I'm longing for the day TV Licensing come to visit.

"It's now 8 months since the previous owners moved out and apart from reminder letters I've not seen hide nor hair of TV Licensing. It's quite frustrating really, because I've got my script all worked out and camera ready by the door."

A lot of people are reluctant to tackle TV Licensing head on, in the mistaken belief that it is an official body of some standing. Jim, on the other hand, knows exactly what TV Licensing is and relishes the prospect of confrontation.

April 2016 TV Licensing threatogram, front and rear views.
"It's not right at all that the BBC sends around these thugs to threaten people in their homes. They've got no special authority at all, but go on as if they're detectives working for a law enforcement agency.

"It sticks in my throat that the BBC harasses innocent people in their homes, yet is seemingly unable to investigate decades of rape and sexual assault right under its own nose.

"If TV Licensing dares to visit my home I'll let them know exactly what I think. It won't be pretty.

"Even better if they try to stitch me up, because I'll make sure that the court and every newspaper sees evidence of their corruption."

Jim is going to keep us informed of future developments. He's ready and waiting for TV Licensing to call.

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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Bad Attitude TV Licensing Goon Breaks Rules Again

Another video has emerged showing the sinister face of Capita TV Licensing's doorstep enquiries.

We are very, very keen to identify the goon starring in this video, as he needs re-educating about the rules contained within the TV Licensing Visiting Procedures.

The footage, obtained by a concerned father, shows his panicked return home to find a Capita TV Licensing goon standing in the living room with his young son.

We do not, as yet, know the boy's age, but it is clear that he is a minor, probably not quite a teenager, and as such no TV Licensing goon should have set foot in the property alone with him. The goon's lack of judgement and integrity is further reinforced by the fact that the boy in question, who appears of far eastern descent, clearly has a very limited grasp of the English language.

The goon gestured to a TV set mounted on the wall and invited the father to turn it on. The father replied that the goon was very welcome to try the TV set himself, but the goon replied "no, I'm not allowed to do it because it's your TV and you know what to do".

The goon, further demonstrating his ignorance, added "I do not have a Panasonic TV. I do not know which controller you're using". The father stuck to his guns that he doesn't use the TV set to receive programmes, to which the goon replies "well would the young man know how to do it?"

The goon's interest then shifted to the young boy's computer monitor. Incredibly the goon then asks the boy to turn on his games console and show what he normally does. The bewildered boy turned on what was clearly a video game and was then coaxed by the goon into pushing the "source" button in an effort to receive TV programmes.

All this time the father was explaining that they didn't watch any TV programmes and didn't even have an internet connection. At one point the father can be heard saying "we don't watch BBC paedos", although we're not quite sure what he meant by that comment!

The video footage shows the goon failing to obtain any evidence whatsoever of unlicensed TV reception. Just in case anyone gets any ideas about superimposing frozen images onto the video, we'll add that no image at all was seen on the Panasonic TV set. Only a video game and blank "no signal" screen could be seen on the computer monitor.

The goon's conduct is bang out of order. Even by Capita's standards, it is pretty low to gather evidence from a child and attempt to lure him into self-incrimination.

We know this goon of old and he is a particularly repugnant skip-licker. Last time he appeared on YouTube he refused to identify himself and arrogantly shouted that the occupier of a legally-licence-free property was "cheating the system".

TV Licensing will do nothing about this. It doesn't care how its goons get a result. It doesn't care about the validity of that result.

If you know the goon shown above please get in touch so we can share his identity and warn others about his appalling conduct.

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Sunday, 24 April 2016

BBC to Appoint Sex Offender to Front Kids' Talent Show

An MP has claimed that the BBC is about to appoint a convicted sex offender to front a kids' talent show.

Ian Paisley Jr, the DUP Member of Parliament for North Antrim, made the comment during a recent House of Commons debate on the subject of BBC Governance.

Addressing the Culture Secretary, John Whittingdale MP, Mr Paisley said: "The BBC promised us that it was going to learn from the mistakes of the past.

"Has the Secretary of State had any opportunity to assess or question the logic of the BBC bosses who decided to appoint a sex offender who has recently been released from jail to front a prime-time youth talent show on the BBC? What were they thinking in that appointment?"

Mr Whittingdale replied: "I hear what the hon. Gentleman says.

"It is, of course, a matter of editorial judgment for the BBC, but the BBC has a duty to set an example and behave responsibly.

"I simply say that I am sure that the senior editorial management of the BBC will have heard what he said, and I encourage him, if he has concerns, to express them directly to the BBC."

Mr Paisley has not, as yet, named the individual he was referring to and the BBC has refused to comment.

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