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Saturday, 27 March 2021

BBC Whistleblower Belfield Wrongly Arrested Over Bomb Threat

A former BBC journalist was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of making a bomb threat to the Corporation.

Nottingham-based Alex Belfield, 41, who runs the hugely successful The Voice of Reason YouTube channel, worked at the BBC for 15 years, but for the last decade has made a living exposing the lies, corruption and profligacy at the heart of the national broadcaster.

A recent video on The Voice of Reason highlights some of Alex's greatest exposés from over the last decade:


Alex, who is currently in a defamation fight against a BBC Local Radio presenter, is convinced that the national broadcaster, in collusion with Nottinghamshire Police, is seeking revenge by attempting to frame him for crimes he has not committed.

His arrest on Thursday seems to bare that out. According to Alex, eight police officers attended his home, broke down the door and spent more than 4 hours rooting around his personal belongings. He was arrested on suspicion of a malicious communications offence and taken to the city's Bridewell Police Station, where he was strip searched and detained in a cell with shit smeared over the walls.

It wasn't until a few hours later that he finally learnt that the BBC had instituted his arrest, by wrongly accusing him of making a bomb threat against them. Alex was released without charge after a very brief interview in which he denied any involvement and highlighted his work exposing the BBC.

Posting on Twitter, he said: "This is now an undeniable stitch up and witch hunt between the BBC and Nottinghamshire Police".

He added that he had now been arrested five times, had his home raided twice. The police had also seized his computer equipment, an essential tool of the job, on two occasions, effectively forcing him off the airwaves.

There is still a lot more to come in this story, so stay tuned to The Voice of Reason for the latest developments.

We're sure readers will agree that there is a certain irony in the BBC - an organisation that has turned a blind eye to institutional crime and corruption for generations - running off to the police and making baseless accusations against a critic they simply don't like.

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