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Monday, 28 December 2020

BBC Spends £83,000 on Free Tea and Coffee

Despite its frequent claims of poverty, the BBC spent a whopping £83,000 on free tea and coffee making facilities for its staff since the start of 2020.

The eye watering figure was disclosed to broadcaster Alex Belfield under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Alex Belfield - The Voice of Reason, the former BBC Radio Leeds presenter turned anti-BBC campaigner said: "We find out today that the BBC has spent £51,683 on coffee and £31,892 on tea bags in the past year.

"This totals £83,575, which works out at 532 TV licence fees to give these scum-sucking pond life free tea and coffee."

In his latest 3 minute video Alex reminds viewers that around 16,000 BBC employees are currently working at home, each of them able to claim up to £250 for a chair to work from.

"How can we possibly justify a TV licence next year? Why are we not getting a rebate?" the YouTube star asks.

"They've given us no service, substandard programmes and propaganda in their news."

Earlier this year top BBC bosses were bleating to MPs about how changes to the TV licence fee had left the Corporation facing an £800m funding gap - this despite the fact that it reneged on its promises of retaining a universal "free" TV licence for the over-75s.

Former Director General Tony Hall's parting shot was to announced a wave of redundancies, as massive savings were needed in order to balance the books. Clearly saving a few quid by making staff pay for their own hot beverages, as happens in most other work places, doesn't feature in the BBC's cost-cutting plan.

Alex concludes his video: "Clearly these gobshites need to be taught a lesson and the only way we can do that is by switching off - cancelling (your TV licence) and defunding the BBC."

You can learn how to do just that in our earlier post about how to cancel your TV licence.

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