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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

TV Licensing Threatens Another Deceased Customer

For the umpteenth time, TV Licensing has demonstrated its insensitivity and incompetence by sending threatograms to a deceased customer after having been notified of their death.

John Nicolson MP posted a copy of the offending threatogram on Twitter with the comment: "Yet another deeply crass and insensitive letter from TV Licensing. The addressee is dead. Her daughter says she has informed TV Licensing and naturally she finds intimidating letters like this threatening and upsetting."

He invited TV Licensing's Twitter harlots to get in touch to make an apology to his constituent.

The aforementioned TV Licensing Twitter harlots replied: "Hi John, thank you for contacting us. We're sorry for any distress caused by this letter this wasn't our intention. We'd like our Customer Relations team to take a look into this, could you please DM us your email address?"

Mr Nicolson claimed TV Licensing made the mistake "all the time" and we are certainly aware of several similar circumstances previously mentioned in the TV Licensing Blog.

He added that when the bereaved daughter went out of her way to report her mother's death to TV Licensing, she was warned that the letters would probably continue to arrive anyway.

The former ITN journalist and MP for Ochil & South Perthshire urged TV Licensing to "take on board the widespread anger felt by MPs about the way you harass vulnerable people with these threatening letters".

It seems an opportune moment to remind readers of TV Licensing's goodwill and compensation payment policy. If you've been wronged by TV Licensing get your claim in today!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

if the government could get off their asses and drop the BBC as soon as possible then that means Crapita tv licensing will have to take a flying jump too