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Monday, 24 August 2020

More than 3,700 Northern Irish in Court for TV Licence Evasion

More than 3,700 people in Northern Ireland were taken to court over TV licence evasion in the last year.

That equates to around 14 people every working day of the year, with around 70 percent of those being convicted of the offence of receiving TV programmes (or BBC on-demand programmes) without a valid TV licence.

We observe that these figures yet again stand in stark contrast to TV Licensing's fanciful (read as downright dishonest) claim that it has a 99 percent conviction rate.

The figures were released to the province's Sunday Life newspaper by the Northern Ireland Department of Justice.

The number of prosecutions is troubling Jim Allister MLA, leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice party, who said: "I understand the growing resentment at the BBC tax, particularly as people turn away from the traditional TV channels and in increasing numbers tune in to Netflix, Amazon Prime or other providers.

"It is clear that the BBC model is outdated and in my view, it can be no longer justified.

"Other news outlets have to charge for their journalism with online subscriptions while the BBC is paid for by the general public whether they want to or not.

"This gives the BBC an unfair advantage over other media outlets.

"The decision of the BBC to revoke free licences for pensioners (over 75s) has, in my opinion, exhausted much of the residual support there would have been for retaining the licence fee."

Last year, almost £225,000 in fines was imposed upon people in Northern Ireland not paying the licence fee, according to official figures provided to Sunday Life.

A small proportion of those convicted every year end up in prison for failing to pay court fines. In 2019, 23 people were jailed.

John O'Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, slammed the statistics.

He said: "It's ridiculous that 23 people went to prison over what is essentially a tax on owning a television.

The licence fee model means that there is no option for those who don't want to watch the BBC. It is a hangover from a past media age.

"Taxpayers' shouldn't be forced to support the Beeb. Politicians should put a stop to this annual poll tax."

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1 comment:

Barry Harper said...

I am 75 just gone I am two pound short of getting the means tested pension credit the BBC sent me a letter not one six in all saying no licence at my address I just moved in to this address I had no tv so I said no tv I don’t near a licence after phone calls and things I had to swear I had no licence and no brad for one that would last for two years then I would have to apply again for a no licence how ever we will send some one from Sheffield to look in your property to make sure you do not have a broadcast receiver nine times out of ten we find you do near a licence it’s money spent for nothing is all that they are throwing money away even what they put in telly they give our tv money to the rich limiter vine on directors more than prime minister I say get rid of the bbc I do not watch it and I have no licence Holland watch it for nothing any way