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Friday, 17 July 2020

Ben Thomas: Another BBC Nonce Crawls Out of the Woodwork

Former BBC Wales presenter Ben Thomas pleaded guilty to forty sexual offences when he appeared at Mold Crown Court earlier today.

Thomas' crimes span the last 30 years and were committed against children and vulnerable adults.

The charges were as follows:
  • 10 counts of sexual activity with a child;
  • 8 counts of sexual assault;
  • 4 counts of attempted sexual assault;
  • 9 counts of indecent assault;
  • 7 counts of voyeurism;
  • 2 counts of making indecent videos of children.
The prolific sexual predator was working at the BBC until 2005, so it doesn't take a genius to work out that some of his crimes were probably committed during his term of employment with the national broadcaster.

We wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be another BBC sicko who thought his notoriety somehow gave him carte blanche to fiddle with other people's bits without their permission.

After leaving the BBC the 44-year-old deviant became a church pastor, which no doubt provided the ideal cover and opportunity to commit further crimes.

He left his post at Criccieth Family Church in 2019.

Thomas' guilty plea means his victims will not need suffer the anguish and indignity of having to relive their experiences at trial.

On hearing of Thomas' conviction, the church released a statement saying: "We are now devastated by the revelation of such sin and grieve over the pain caused to the innocent victims, the betrayal and deception.

"Foremost in our prayers now are the victims and their families."

The NSPCC, which supported the North Wales Police investigation, said: "Thomas has admitted to committing a wave of sexual offences over a long period of time and it is right that he now faces the consequences of his actions.

"It is crucial that anyone who has been abused feels safe to report what has happened to them, no matter how long ago the offence took place, in the knowledge that they will be listened to."

Thomas will be sentenced on Tuesday, 18th August.

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Chris_2812 said...

I can't really say I'm surprised by this news. How much longer are people just going to stand by and pay this corporation money when stuff like this comes out every couple of years?!

Admin said...

Thanks for your comment Chris.
Hopefully not much longer we hope!