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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

BBC Slammed for Begging Bowl Behaviour

Another day, another Parliamentary tussle over the future of the BBC.

Speaking in the House of Commons earlier today the DUP's Sammy Wilson MP asked: "Does the Minister understand that many of my constituents are fed up with the begging bowl behaviour of the BBC, who seem to think that their pocket has no bottom to it?

"And who are increasingly frustrated by the political bias and the reckless spending of this organisation, with its one millon pound and more contracts for presenters and the fact that it pays more than one hundred directors more than the Prime Minister?

"Will he undertake to first of all ensure that no pensioner who can't afford the compulsory levy will be criminalised as a result of non-payment?

"And in the longer run will he look at how the BBC is funded, so we don't have this compulsory tax on people who increasingly get their entertainment elsewhere anyway?"

John Whittingdale MP, the Minister of State for Media and Data, replied: "I sympathise with the Honourable Gentleman.

"It was, of course, as a result of the most recent Charter renewal that we now know how many people at the BBC are paid more than £150,000 per year and who they are.

"But there will always be scope - and I would encourage his constituents that if they have complaints about political bias or other content, to the pursue those with the BBC and ultimately Ofcom.

"And I can also assure him that when we consider the long-term future, the licence fee will very much be a part of that consideration."

It would appear that the BBC's regular pleas of poverty are increasingly falling on deaf ears in Westminster.

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