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Saturday, 7 September 2019

TV Licensing Asks Court to Overturn Conviction of Manx Woman it Lied to

TV Licensing has asked Isle of Man Magistrates to overturn the conviction of a woman it lied to.

Simone King, 28, of Princes Street in Douglas, was convicted of TV licence evasion at the Island's courthouse on 28th May 2019, despite TV Licensing having previously agreed not to prosecute the offence.

Advocate Jason Stanley, of Douglas-based firm Kelly Luft Stanley & Ashton, on behalf of the BBC, asked the court to overturn Miss King's conviction after confirming that TV Licensing had erroneously proceeded with the prosecution back in May.

Magistrates agreed and revoked the conviction.

Pisshead and former TV Licensing goon John Marcus Rodgers, of Reaville Park in Belfast, was banned from driving by the same court back in 2017, having been caught behind the wheel of his TV Licensing hire car when over the drink drive limit.

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Matt Campbell said...

Prosecuting advocate Jason Stanley said Miss King had contacted the licensing organisation, which said it wouldn’t take her to court? Could do with some more details on this "Did they say why they told her TVL was not going to pursue a prosecution?.

Obviously, a signed 178 along with an admission to the alleged offence must have been compleated and signed at the time of the goons visit thus resulting in a single justice procedure notice being issued and then subsequently a conviction!.

Terminator said...

The BBC have more scams on their radar than prosecuting people who are told they will not prosecute! One is the weekly payments, although I have said this before, privately, it is a scam to obtain more than the licence fee from those on low incomes or benefits, some are licence evaders who end up paying weekly.

Matt Campbell said...

Yes, I believe TVL call it an out of court disposal,(meaning) If the payment arrangement set up at the time by the Tv goon (after the TVL178 record of interview is compleated) the householder is usually told they will not be prosecuted unless they default on this arrangement, not sure if this is the case on the Isle of Man? as Tv licensing blog rightly pointed out regarding my initial comments "that a Single Justice Procedure Notice" is not sent on the Isle of Man.