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Thursday, 28 February 2019

TV Licensing Accused of Bullying Millennial

The BBC has been slammed as a bully after sending no less than 11 angry letters to a non-viewing millennial.

PR consultant David Kuczora, 34, received an incessant stream of TV Licensing's caustic correspondence even though he had been in touch to confirm that he did not legally need a TV licence.

We should probably mention at this stage, for the benefit of any newcomers, that anyone who does not legally require a TV licence is under no legal obligation at all to TV Licensing. They do not need to confirm their no-TV status to TV Licensing. Indeed doing so, as David's case yet again proves, is a total waste of time.

The BBC, by virtue of the Broadcasting Act 1990, is the statutory Television Licensing Authority. The BBC retains full legal responsibility for all aspects of TV licence administration, collection and enforcement, which it does under the guise of TV Licensing. To put not too fine a point on it, every lie printed and threat issued by TV Licensing is authorised, approved and condoned by the BBC.

David told Metro.co.uk: "It's not that it is a letter, it's been more than ten, each more angry. I don't like the increasingly threatening language used in the previous ones I’ve received, such as they are launching an investigation or that have the right to turn up at any time and keep knocking on your door as long as they like."

To add insult to injury, earlier this week David received yet another letter from TV Licensing confirming, for the umpteenth time, that this really would be the last letter (apart from the other two or three already released into the system).

He added: "What is the cost of this? And every single letter they send? Why are they saying there will be one further letter saying I won't be written to again?"

The BBC has previously confirmed that the postal cost of each letter, not including printing, folding and sorting costs, was 18.3 pence in 2011/12. The price is likely to be much higher at today's prices.

TV Licensing sends out an average of 100,000 threatening reminder letters to unlicensed properties every working day, despite acknowledging that more than 80% of those are destined for properties with no legal requirement for a TV licence.

A BBC TV Licensing spokesperson said: "TV Licensing does its best not to trouble people who do not need a licence. If we are told a licence is not required, we will only get in touch again after two years to check circumstances have not changed."

The lying bastards!

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Anonymous said...

It is about time that the lying scumbags who call themselves the BBC were held to account for wasting paper and for repeatedly lying about how they contact households. The BBC also lied about Apollo. They did not go to the moon and Neil Armstrong is a female to male. They failed to tell the British public the truth about the fake space landings which was a tranny psyop as Ms Armstrong is not a male and this should have been told to the British public as they are being forced to pay for fake stories. Despicable organization that steal public money through deception which is illegal. They promote fake news and keep dishing out repeats and brainwash the public with negative and toxic Soaps to keep them stuck and ignorant.

Sorrel harty said...

As well as loads of threatening letters which we routinely chuck in the bin as we have never had a TV and have told TV licensing this many times over the years, I have just received an email saying that my bank has declined the latest direct debit payment and I have an outstanding fee of £12 overdue to TV licensing. Wow cheeky.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a firearms licence either....