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Saturday, 26 January 2019

BBC Presenters McCoy and Graham Split

A bit of a confession: Much as we despise the BBC and everything it stands for, we actually love the legend that is Simon McCoy.

His on-air banter, witty quips and lighthearted approach to supposedly serious news stories really is quite endearing.

It therefore comes as sad news that McCoy, 57, and his wife of more than a decade, BBC Spotlight presenter Victoria Graham, 44, have decided to call it a day and head their separate ways.

The couple's relationship has been under strain with McCoy working in London and Graham based in Plymouth. There has also been family heartache, with the couple desperately trying to conceive without any luck.

Graham, so the story goes, had an affair with her then BBC Spotlight boss, editor Jon Gripton.

Speaking to the Daily Mail's Richard Eden, McCoy maintained a stiff upper lip and moral high ground by saying: "All I would like to say is that I give Victoria my very best wishes for her future."

Graham said of the split: "It's been an incredibly sad time. After years of living apart, failed fertility treatment and the death of my father, life changes.

"Every time I see Simon on the TV I feel tremendously proud - his career goes from strength to strength.

"We remain very good friends and still have two beautiful border terriers to love between us."

McCoy anchors BBC News' Afternoon Live programme, which involves a daily segment where he discusses local news stories with presenters in the BBC Regions. It'll be interesting to see the on-air chemistry between him and Graham when they next discuss cow tipping in Taunton.

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