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Friday, 9 March 2018

Communisis Secures TV Licensing Threatogram Contract

Digital communications firm Communisis has secured a six year extension to its TV Licensing contract.

The BBC has just renewed Proximity's contract to provide TV Licensing marketing and printing services. Proximity has sub-contracted Communisis to undertake TV Licensing printing duties since 2011. Communisis prints and distributes around 55 million TV Licensing letters per year. It also sends around 15 million TV Licensing emails.

Communisis chief executive Andy Blundell said: "Communisis is delighted to have confirmed this contract with Proximity and to have been entrusted to provide these vital communication services to the BBC and TV Licensing. Looking forward; formats and the way in which end customers prefer to receive information, will continue to evolve and we are ready to respond through our strategy for Digital First."

Last year Communisis came in for criticism after printing and distributing hundreds of TV Licensing envelopes without the correct postage paid markings on them. The recipients were invited to pay a £2 Royal Mail surcharge for the privilege of being threatened by TV Licensing.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone mapped all the directors of this company and all the others connected to the TV licensing extortion racket to see if there are any interesting connections?

Dean Stockton said...

If I am asked for money and not expecting a letter I ask a couple of questions! The main one being who is the document addressed too? If they reply You! I ask for the name on the document if they won't say the name I don't sign and I do the same if they just put anything in front of me to sign I ask what am I signing for if they won't say they are told point blank to F*ck Off I ain't signing!

Fred Bear said...

Ah yes the threatograms - from fake enforcement divisions with fake "visit approved" handstamps and fake signatures. Mentions of "Officers" who are no such thing, non-existent "investigations", fake deadlines to get "correctly licensed"; baseless threats of a hearing being arranged in "your local court". Is there any other organisation apart from the BBC that carries on in this manner?

Anonymous said...

I've just received my 40th threat-o-gram. I have every one they've sent me including the "we called" leaflets. Their letters are as ineffective as they are annoying. They can keep on sending them until hell freezes over because I still won't need a license and I'll still be legally license free, a concept the BBC, Capita and Communisis find difficult to grasp!