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If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Capita TV Licensing: Straight from the Donkey's Mouth

A very interesting job review has appeared on the Glassdoor website.

Glassdoor, for the benefit of the unfamiliar, is a website that allows current and past employees to review the organisation that they presently or formerly worked for.

Someone claiming to be a 3-year Capita TV Licensing veteran posted the following:

Initial training is reasonable
Out on the road most of the time
I have realised it's time to leave


Capita run the TV Licensing brand on behalf of the BBC. When we arrive at the door the person is either not in, doesn't answer, has a licence already and we don't know due to the shambolic database that we run, doesn't need a licence or is trying to avoid buying a licence. Years ago this used to be an easy job, but now people are getting wise to us and our practices through the internet and especially YouTube videos. Many people have figured out that they can legally watch TV without our licence using catch up services and Netflix, Amazon etc. The problem is that by the time that we arrive on the doorstep, they have had a long stream of threatening letters from us. Their reactions range from closing the door on us, through abuse, to situations that look like they may become violent. Yes, we do catch evaders, usually single mums on council estates and we prosecute them. Far more often we get a stream of abuse, with people asking if we enjoy supporting an organisation that allowed Jimmy Savile to roam free. This situation, which is of the management's making is causing a huge turnover in staff, and that is always a good measure of a company.

Advice to Management

Modify the way that we deal with the public its pretty appalling always assuming guilt. I believed all the hype that I was given about the vast majority of people with licences were evaders in my early days. I soon worked out that it was far from the case. There are just people that don't watch TV. We need to change the revenue model to pay per view, then there would be less people like me. However, I understand that the current system benefits Capita's bottom line so we will want to hold onto it. The current model does nothing for the reputation though of the BBC, Capita, but more importantly - me, and that is why, like many of my colleagues, I have chosen to join a more ethical company that treats its customers, but especially those who don't want to customers, quite legally, much better.
We should all be very heartened that Capita TV Licensing goons are quitting in droves and having a much harder time "generating sales" on the doorstep.

Our thanks to M.Shakey of the TV Licence Resistance forums for bringing this review to our attention.

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nonroadusr said...

"........all the hype that I was given about the vast majority of people with licences were evaders in my early days."

That should read people withOUT licences were evaders ;-)

Fred Bear said...

Note that the BBC just a few weeks ago was claiming their clown-goons were catching 700 "evaders" per day. In 2015, they were claiming 1,000 "caught" per day. If their own figures are true, then BBC clown-goons have lost a lot of commission recently. No wonder they're leaving this job.