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Sunday, 19 November 2017

BBC Suspends Songs Of Praise Host Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

The BBC has suspended Songs Of Praise host Aled Jones amid allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards a female colleague.

The married father of two, 46, is believed to be one of 25 "live cases" being investigated by the BBC. He shot to fame as a teenage chorister when he covered the well known song Walking In The Air from Channel 4's animated classic The Snowman.

In addition to his Songs Of Praise role, the Anglesey-born presenter hosts a show on BBC Radio Wales. He has not appeared on the BBC airwaves for more than three weeks, although he is still working for commercial rivals and is due to host his weekly Classic FM show later today.

A well placed source told The Sun on Sunday: "There is an allegation that inappropriate messages and contact with a female member of staff took place.

"He’s been told by the BBC about the complaint and after it came to light he has been taken off air."

A spokesman for Jones said: "Although not related to any broadcast work, Aled voluntarily agreed not to go on the BBC whilst the matter is investigated.

"Whilst he accepts that his behaviour over a decade ago was occasionally juvenile, as was that of others, he never intended to harass or distress and he strongly denies any inappropriate contact.

"He is, however, deeply sorry for any upset caused and hopes this matter is resolved soon."

The BBC has refused to offer any comment.

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Graham Tucker said...

He has said that he was juvenile for his age, I don’t see this complaint as anything more than what women brush off in the workplace, it shouldn’t happen at all but it does. Needs to be reported “then” and not a further 10 years into a persons career.

Graham Russell said...

Talk about jumping on the band wagon.i agree with previous comment, clearly 10 years layer is just a waste of everyone's time as if it ws that BAD at the time then make your moan, we are fast approaching the point that it won't be even worth talking to women incase they see it as abuse !!..sad days ahead ...and oh dear imagine a Carry On movie being screened in the movies...you can just hear the moral majority.

Prize Idiot said...

Agree completely with Graham, this is an utter non-story.

Anonymous said...

We cannot continue to judge past actions by today's standards. Should we prosecute those who produced tv shows in the 1970s of the black and white minstrel show ? Charge them for encouraging racial hatred ? I was teased as a young office boy by middle aged women, obviously not getting any action from home. I didn't complain then, should I complain now ? No, because standards were different. Leave the buggar alone.