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Wednesday 16 July 2014

TV Licensing: Two Years, Forty-Thousand Complaints

TV Licensing received 40,000 complaints in two years, according to alarming statistics recently released by the BBC.

TV Licensing is a trade mark used by the companies contracted by the BBC to administer the collection of TV licence fees and enforcement of the TV licence system.

WhatDoTheyKnow.com member D. Nicholls asked the BBC to provide the following information: "Would you advise the total number of complaints received (by telephone, email, letter or in person) regarding any communications with or from any agency that deals with the collection of payments for TV licences during the last two years?"

The BBC's Rupinder Panesar replied: "The majority of complaints handled by TV Licensing are initiated following some form of contact with TV Licensing therefore we (are) interpreting your request as relating to all complaints received by TV Licensing.

"I can confirm that the total number of complaints received through all channels for the period 20 June 2012 to 19 June 2014 is 39,957."

Anyone who has cause to complain about TV Licensing is asked to consult our earlier post about compensation payments.


Maryon Jeane said...

Hooray! Keep them busy and so out of our lives and our homes. I have been one of those 20,000 and have, in the past, received compensation (twice). Don't give up: complain, fight, refuse to be bullied. Remember, these people actually went so far - with the full cognisance and approval of the powers that be - as to join in with bodies such as HMRC and the police in random stop-and-search exercises of car drivers, which is absolutely outrageous. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Unknown said...

TVL... complaints?! How can it be?!

So that works out as 1,666 per month (over 2 years), or 384 per week (again, over 2 years). If that were to happen with the government or any other private company, heads would roll and there'd be hell to pay at the top for the executives. But, oh no, not TV Licensing, they can get away with all the crap they deal out to people who aren't even their customers. You can bet that when the licence fee is up for renewal or review next year, or the year after, or whenever, that all the "old fans" will still say that the licence fee is "great value for money", so it will stay.

Whatever happens, you can also bet that there will still be those of us that will stand up for our own beliefs and continue to be legally licence free. Then the cycle will go on. The complaints will continue to rise, the government will continue to "turn a blind eye" and TV Licensing and the BBC will continue to get away with bloody murder. What a great "democracy" we live in!!