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Saturday 5 April 2014

TV Licensing Detector Van Sighted

Another TV Licensing detector van was positively identified in Liverpool a few days ago.

Footage of the van, registration number VX09 VZP, has been uploaded to YouTube by fellow TV Licensing opponent HHS. The registration number of this van is very similar to that of the TV Licensing van damaged in a collision only a few weeks ago. 

Prior to March 2014 all TV Licensing detector van sightings involved vehicles with CV09 FF? registration numbers, which leads us to believe the BBC has re-registered the vehicles in a lame attempt to restore their anonymity. Sadly for them, an increasing army of people are willing and able to identify TV Licensing vehicles and report their observations back to people like us.

HHS thinks the occupants of the van were conducting surveillance on his legally-licence-free property. He went outside with his camera and began to film events from the safety and comfort of his parked car. The goon in the back of the van exited, hopped into the front passenger seat and then the vehicle drove away.

The van had to drive within a few feet of HHS's parked car, so he got a clear view of both the driver and registration number. HHS confirms that the driver of the van was the same goon coincidentally snapped in a marked TV Licensing Transit a few day's earlier. The goon driver's image is shown below.

It might be time for TV Licensing to buy a few more toupees and fake moustaches for goons working in the Merseyside area, as we know most of them pretty well now!


Unknown said...

Probably because their operating procedures when in vans are the same as when they knock on doors: if you are filmed, leave immediately.

Anonymous said...

I am positively looking forward to their coming down my street.

It's a Residents' Parking street (it's near a railway station) and they'll almost certainly be fined for illegal parking.