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Monday 9 September 2013

Threatening TV Licensing Goon

A very short post today to immortalise another TV Licensing miscreant who has appeared on YouTube.

The sweaty goon, who has a Teesside/North Yorkshire accent and unusual dimple on his left cheek, launches straight into TV Licensing accusatory bullshit mode when confronted by the clued-up camera-wielding legal occupier.

After establishing he is talking to the right person, the goon asks: "Do you want to - are you willing to co-operate?"

The legal occupier rightly replies that he isn't obliged to say anything.

The perspiring pond life continues: "Right, what I'll do then - we'll put in for a search warrant - [occupier laughs] - that's the only way we have around it, otherwise everyone else int country would be as awkward as yourself."

The occupier asks the goon to verify his identity, which results in him flashing his Blue Peter style TV Licensing ID card.

The goon continues: "So what I'll do is, I'll put in for a search warrant - whilst the police are wasting their time here, let's hope they've not got owt better to do, eh?"

He then trots off down the garden path leaving a greasy trail behind him.

Threatening the use of a search warrant is strictly against TV Licensing rules, so we have no doubt Capita will seek to distance themselves from this rogue enforcer. They'll probably tell the BBC that he's not really one of theirs!

TV Licensing, in common with anyone else seeking a search warrant, normally require some credible evidence beforehand (save their apparently unorthodox tactics in Steve Heather's case). That being the case we doubt this gobshite will be heading off to see the local Magistrates.

If anyone knows who he is please let us know.


Paul D said...

Nice to see Adrian Chiles back at the BBC lol

Anonymous said...

We really need to drop "TV Licensing" and start using "BBC Licensing", that way it becomes more obvious to the public who these slimeballs ultimately work for, and all the bad publicity involving these door knockers gets laid at the Bbc's feet.