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Friday, 16 August 2013

Trespassing Scottish TV Licensing Goon

We really don't know why the BBC went to the trouble of writing a Withdrawal of Implied Right of Access Policy for TV Licensing, as many of their goons simply choose to ignore it.

The star of today's second post is follicly-challenged Scottish TV Licensing goon Andrew Skillen, who is a textbook example of a rule-bending goon. The fact he is pictured above is entirely due to TV Licensing's incompetence and his inability to follow the rules. We don't like his attitude so he has waived his non-existent right to anonymity.

The TV Licensing Visiting Procedures make it quite clear that goons are to abandon a visit the moment they notice they are being filmed. Skillen's first mistake was to ignore that simple rule, because we wouldn't be writing this article now if he'd walked away as he should have.

The occupier is perfectly within his legal rights to film but Skillen, forgetting his place as an uninvited Crapita minimum wage slave, arrogantly asserts: "You've not got my permission to share that video". It's at that point that we learn that the occupier has previously withdrawn TV Licensing's implied right of access (WOIRA) to the property, which means they have been given a legally-valid instruction to stay away. As the occupier had already issued a WOIRA instruction, TV Licensing should never have sent Skillen to the scene of this particular YouTube video in the first place.

TV Licensing's official line, as mentioned in our earlier post on the subject, is to respect any valid WOIRA instruction, but time after time we see them ignore their own WOIRA policy.

If TV Licensing goons seem unable to comply with even the most basic of instructions, it makes us wonder what other rules they might be bending in order to secure their commission payments.

You can watch Skillen's performance here on YouTube, although as he doesn't behave in accordance with the rules you can expect TV Licensing to try and get the video removed. In common with their BBC puppet masters, they don't respond well to public criticism.


Unknown said...

A very mouthy individual indeed. And yes he has completely ignored BBC/Capita policy on WOIRA. Or the truth be known, the BBC/Capita tell their goons to ignore WOIRA.

TGR Worzel said...

There's nothing wrong with being follicly challenged. Happens to the best of us.

Though I'm told its premature Kojakulation in my case...

Unknown said...

Can tv licence people who come to the door caution someone who dont even love with me?

Unknown said...

many years ago I had my name taken by a tv licence man, next thing i know i'm summined to appear at the local court. Once I explained to the court I was actually only visiting my mothers home all charges were dropped instantly