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Thursday 13 September 2012

TV Licensing Goon Be Gone Follow Up

This is all rather strange.

Earlier in the week we published YouTube footage of TV Licensing visiting officer Adam Russell having the door slammed on him during a visit. Russell is no doubt kicking himself now that he volunteered his ID card, and name, quite so readily to the camera. To his credit, unlike several of his colleagues we're aware about, Russell seemed polite enough during his short encounter with TJoKayaking.

The video was voluntarily removed by TJoK later that day after an apparently sincere removal request by members of the Russell family. As we quipped at the time, it appears Adam wasn't desperately seeking stardom.

Following a bizarre turn of events TJoK has reassessed his sympathy towards Russell and reuploaded his video of the exchange.

TJoK may wish to comment further on the extraordinary circumstances that led to the sudden realignment of his "give-a-fuck-o-meter". Unconfirmed reports suggest the initial video removal plea was made by a member of the Russell family making a personal (e.g. non-TV Licensing related) visit to TJoK's home.

Assuming that information is correct then there are serious data protection issues that need to be addressed here.

We will also highlight at this point that had Russell been doing his job properly, in accordance with TV Licensing's Visiting Procedures, then he would have turned on his heels the moment he saw the camera rolling.

As he remained on the doorstep maybe he was desperately seeking stardom after all!

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