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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fury Over TV Licence Snoops

The Clydebank Post has just reported the case of two TV Licensing employees that pushed their way into a man's home and demanded money.

On deceptively entering William Prentice's home the low life salesmen, employed by Capita Business Services, found no evidence of licensable TV use, but still managed to intimidate the bemused occupier into paying the £145.50 fee in full.

TV Licensing salesmen, who earn commission on every licence sold, have no legal rights whatsoever to enter a person's home without invitation.

The full article is reproduced below:

A WHITECROOK man has hit out at TV licence snoopers who pushed their way into his home and demanded money

William Prentice, 60, was left fuming when the two callers showed up at his address in Whitecrook Street and demanded access to his home as well as a £145 cash payment.

Mr Prentice was so incensed at their rudeness that he thought he had been duped by bogus callers scamming cash from his doorstep.

But the two callers were in fact official inspectors working for the TV Licensing Board (sic).

He said: "I don't like the way I was treated, I think it was bad.

The former bus cleaner said the two callers who carried ID asked to be let into his house so they could check he had a TV set and inspect the quality of the picture.

However, they discovered his TV was switched off and unplugged when they looked around his lounge. 

Mr Prentice added he was surprised at the visit because he has never missed a TV licence payment and had been waiting on his new licence to come in the post.

He said he always paid his licence at the Post Office and was taken aback when the snoopers demanded £145 in cash when they were in his home.

He even got in touch with the Post because he thought he had been swindled out of his cash.

He said: "They just said to me they were in the area, but I was waiting on my letter. I never expected two guys at my door.

"It's really opened my eyes, I'll never hand money over at the door again, not even so much as 50p.

"They should tell people if they are changing their policy, but when you phone you can't get to speak to anybody, it's just a machine."

After handing over the £145 the two callers handed William a receipt.

And a spokesman for TV Licensing Board defended their agents visiting Mr Prentice's property.

He said: "Our records show Mr. Prentice was unlicensed when visited by Enquiry Officers on 29 March. Mr. Prentice was asked by the Enquiry Officer to pay for a licence, which he paid for in full by cash.

"All unlicensed addresses are sent reminder letters. Our enquiry officers visit unlicensed addresses that have ignored previous attempts to make contact."

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Unknown said...

Seriously Guys, Just throw your tv out.. you can live very well without it. the junk they serve up is aimed at a 10 year old mentality. haven't you noticed? they've got you then.. avoid tv like the plague, most radio in unlistenable too, use the internet, read books, throw your smartphone out, get a cheapie, calls only, reinvent your life. avoid anything with 'smart' in it's name. it spies on you. . Best Regards Paul M