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This blog is to highlight the unjust persecution of legitimate non-TV users at the hands of TV Licensing. These people do not require a licence and are entitled to live without the unnecessary stress and inconvenience caused by TV Licensing's correspondence and employees.

If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

TV Licensing Web Impersonators

Just when we thought there was nothing lower than the sinister and deceitful tactics employed by TV Licensing, we've discovered something even worse - a TV Licensing impersonator.

Quite why anyone would stoop low enough to impersonate TV Licensing is beyond me. It's akin to someone pretending to be Gary Glitter when applying for employment at a Vietnamese creche. If they're really that keen to be associated with TV Licensing then they could easily get a job there. It's not as if Capita are picky about who they employ, with quite a handful of their past employees having been on the licence fee rob.

For some obscure reason someone has created a YouTube profile called "TVLEnforcement", which they have used to leave worrying comments on anti-TV licence contributions there.

If you've received a message from TVLEnforcement then it's nothing to be concerned about. These low lives have even less clout than the official TV Licensing.

A quick reminder that non-TV users are under no legal obligation whatsoever to communicate or co-operate with TV Licensing. Simply close the door, hang up the phone or delete the email purportedly from them.

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