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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Capita Bribes TV Licensing Scabs

Capita has been accused of bribing TV Licensing workers to cross pickets lines this coming Monday.

Around 500 workers on the TV Licensing contract will abandon their desks in a continuing row over pay and conditions. The workers are infuriated at having endured a pay freeze over the last two years, despite Capita making millions in profit on the lucrative BBC TV licence operations contract. Their anger was compounded by the offer of below-inflation pay hikes over the next two years - not that it will matter to Capita, who are likely to lose the TV licence contract when it comes up for renewal shortly.

Last week the company sent an email to workers offering those that break the picket line a hearty buffet lunch free of charge.

According to reports the email reads as follows: "For everyone working in the office, next Monday is going to be a difficult day for all of us.

"To help the day pass more ­agreeably, we have arranged for a buffet lunch to be made available at both sites, for all those who have come into work.

"So, don’t bother to pack any sandwiches and enjoy a hearty lunch that is on us, as a thank you for your commitment."

Can you think of anything worse: lowering yourself to work for TV Licensing and then knifing your colleagues in the back by crossing picket lines? If there's any justice in the world then anyone obliging them self of this offer will choke on their free sandwiches.

Capita are reportedly very disappointed that workers are striking, having made them a "good and fair" pay offer.

Picket lines will be held at TV Licensing's Bristol and Darwen sites between 7:30 - 10:30am on Monday morning. The addresses are:
  • 100 Temple Street, Bristol, BS98 1TL
  • India Mill, Bolton Road, Darwen, BB3 1YX
We would in no way condone people attending the pickets to hurl abuse at striking TV Licensing employees.

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