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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Law Turned on TVL Enforcers

Another great video has appeared on YouTube, showing just how impotent the average TVL Enforcement Officer really is.

The quasi-official TVL representative in question called on a property showing as unlicensed on their database. The householder, evidently wise to the miscreant's lack of authority, told him to leave the property. The TVL man, aggrieved his commission was slipping from grasp, threatened to call the police. That's quite a common threat, usually issued to reinforce the imaginary officialness TVL people think they operate under. Most TVL people, realising they have the same doorstep rights as a milkman, don't actually have the audacity to call the police.

After bursting TVL man's bubble the householder followed him from the property and captured video footage en-route to his car. Cameras always make TVL recoil faster than slugs facing a salt shaker, so he quickly sped away.

Some time later a police constable knocked on the same door, because TVL man had blubbed to the police like a toddler who'd had his favourite crayons stolen. The householder quickly demonstrates how little the police officer knows about the law, before she too scampers away with her pride dented.

The entire episode is captured below. I have also taken the liberty of downloading a back-up copy.

Incidentally, it is perfectly legal to film anyone or anything in a public place under English and Welsh law.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sickening, isn't it?

The TV licence salesman calls upon the police because he has been unnerved. What do his victims feel like from his harassment?

As for that police woman, I wish she had said something like "Never mind the law. I am a police officer, and I am telling you that you have done something wrong". Words fail me to describe her. Pathetic is the only word that springs to mind.