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Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Case of Ron Sinclair

Ron Sinclair is perhaps the most famous thorn in the side of TV Licensing at the moment.

Background to Ron's Case:
Ron lives in Lancashire and doesn't have a TV licence because the law doesn't require him to have one.

He owns some TV sets but they're only used for watching prerecorded DVDs. Crucially, the reason why he doesn't need a TV licence, they are not used (or even tuned) for receiving or recording broadcast TV signals.

TV Licensing spotted that Ron didn't have a TV licence for his property and set about trying to find out why. By TVL's simplistic reckoning people fall into one of two categories - TV licensee or TV licence evader. They knew Ron wasn't a licensee (their huge database of invasive information told them), so jumped to the mistaken and irrational conclusion that he fell into the licence evader category. Cue intimidatory letters and visiting TVL enforcement officers.

Assaulted by TVL Enforcement Officer:
One day TVL sent an enforcement officer by the name of David Clark to visit Ron. Understandably for a man who didn't need a TV licence, Ron didn't appreciate the unwarranted attention of TVL and gave Clark a frosty reception.

Clark, sensing his commission slipping from grasp, decided to salvage what he could from the visit by nipping next door to question Ron's neighbour instead - tactics that defy TV Licensing's own policy documents. Ron decided to film Clark from over the hedge as he attempted to illicit incriminating (but worthless) evidence from the bemused lady next door. Clark didn't like that so he lunged over the hedge and assaulted disabled Ron who uses a wheelchair.

The video evidence, posted above, was so damning it left Clark little option but to plead guilty to assault. Convicted thug Clark was dismissed from his employment with TVL. TVL, wounded by the bad publicity of the case, crawled back under their rock and left Ron in peace for a while.

TVL Back for Revenge:
Three years later and TVL are back to have another go at Ron. They somehow managed to obtain a search warrant and raided Ron's home on the evening of 8th April 2008. They inspected his TV equipment, which still wasn't installed to receive or record TV signals. Ron made a video of the search, which will prove invaluable when the case goes to court later this year.

Stay tuned for future updates.


Anonymous said...

Any update on Ron & the TVL? Go go Ron!

Anonymous said...

I think there must be thousands of people waiting for news of how Ron got on.

alvin said...

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Unknown said...

Unfortunately they succeeded when his criminal carer took a Sky subscription. Talk about a knife in the back! Bunch of "scummy little" gits at Capita!

Anonymous said...

What happened with Ron Sinclair. Did TVL succeed?

Admin said...

Yes, they managed to get him due to the viewing habits of his live-in carer. She took out a Sky subscription.