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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Off Topic: Crimebodge Defeats Derbyshire Constabulary

As the title suggests, we're deviating slightly from the subject of TV Licensing for today's post. We apologise if that's a problem to anyone and hope it doesn't deter them from reading.

Rob Warner has spent the last decade or so exposing police malpractice and corruption. He has also done some work on TV Licensing, which is how we first became acquainted with his well respected and authoritative Crimebodge website.

Over the years Rob has exposed dozens of examples of police corruption. He has also helped his readers take legal action against the police and secure compensation payments worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Given Rob's critical eye, it is hardly surprising that the police have been waiting for the ideal opportunity to get their own back. A few months ago that opportunity arose, as Rob explains in the video below:

So Rob was charged under section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 because some wet behind the ears copper claimed to have been offended by the phrase "no shit".

Skip forward a couple of months and Rob has now had his day in court, as he explains here:

We are delighted to hear that Rob has been found not guilty of the offence.

If PC 14690 Matthew Ward really is that much of a big girls blouse that the phrase "no shit" offends him, then he should probably be in a different job. Perhaps he should take up flower arranging or knitting instead?

Rob now intends to sue Derbyshire Constabulary for malicious prosecution and there is little doubt that he'll be successful in that quest, all thanks to the cack-handed manner in which PC "Snowflake" Ward dealt with him. We wish Rob the best possible outcome in his future legal action.

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Unknown said...

Haha he's trying to nick me on a lie..chasing witnesses even though all charges are dropped and now harassing everyone..great police work ..no wonder the crime rates high

Anonymous said...

He is going to get posted all over Facebook , he is going to end up like PC DICKHEAD OF THE NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Constabulary ( probably from MEREWAY ) WHO CANNOT DO HIS JOB ANYMORE because of the Notoriaty ( he wasnt very good at it to start with ) .