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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Bradford TV Licensing Goon William Meets James

After a recent lack of TV Licensing goon videos - and TV Licensing Blog articles - we're pleased to say that our noble friend and colleague James has captured a TV Licensing goon by the name of William in Bradford.

James, long-term readers might remember, was previously victim to TV Licensing's abuse of legal process. His home was searched under warrant, but no evidence of unlicensed TV reception was ever discovered. Through dogged determination James was able to establish that Capita Business Services - the much maligned BBC contractor responsible for TV licence administration and enforcement - had obtained the warrant by what we'll politely describe as questionable methods. You can read some of the back story in our earlier article.

Anyway, back to matters at hand. In his latest video James gives goon William a no holds barred summary of TV Licensing's past misdemeanours. Goon William, who is clearly in awe at James' comprehensive knowledge of TV Licensing malpractice, looks confused as he is bombarded with information about dodgy depositions, doorstep threats, performance related bonuses and the BBC sex abuse scandal.

The visit took place yesterday, shortly after 4 pm.

Goon William, to give him his due, was pretty mild-mannered as far as TV Licensing knuckle-draggers go.

It has to be stressed, just in case the BBC and/or TV Licensing attempt to contort the facts of this visit, that James remained calm and polite throughout and said nothing at all to indicate he needed a TV licence.

Of course that's no guarantee that TV Licensing will leave him in peace, as history shows how they like to harass and intimidate their critics.

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Fred Bear said...

There are many ways to deal with clown-goons - the main thing is to send them away without any chance of them getting commission. The more they have to pound the streets, getting turned away or getting no answer, the more discouraged they'll get.

christopher tyson said...

Evil bastards want sacking and get rid of capita for good