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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

MP Tweets About TV Licensing Wrongful Prosecution

An intriguing tweet from earlier today by John Mann MP.

Mr Mann is the Labour MP for Bassetlaw and according to his Twitter profile he's "not scared to say it how it is".

His tweet reads as follows: "BBC prosecuted entirely the wrong person for TV licensing then failed to turn up on court to defend this. Now refuse to compensate. A total and disgraceful scandal. Which BBC journalist wants to cover the story?"

This sounds a very common tale. We regularly hear about TV Licensing prosecuting innocent people for an offence they haven't committed on the basis of sloppy (read as incomplete, inaccurate or even non-existent) evidence.

We're hopeful that one of the nationals will pick up this story and run with it, so stay tuned for updates. Fingers crossed for another Daily Mail hatchet job on the BBC and TV Licensing!

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Dean Stockton said...

If they claim to have seen you watching TV through a window tell them you want the goon or goons who claim to have seen you watching TV through a window to appear so you can question them about what they claim to have seen! As with DWP assessment company scum, they won't turn up so you ask for judgement in your favour and compensation against Capita and their 3rd party, the BBC.
If he won't grant compensation or out of pocket expenses against Capita, at least ask him if he's a judge or BBC Puppet? A judge can award compensation in any case they try.

matt campbell said...

TVL would need a signed (and even in some cases an unsigned 178 record of interview) to issue the occupier with a SJPN (summons) seeing the occupier watching TV through a window would not be enough evidence to issue a summons in this instance,they need an admission to the alleged offense hence the advise is to never engage with a TVL goon on your doorstep! and never sign the 178 form in any circumstances. also an unsigned 178 cannot be presented in court, but this dose not stop TVL from trying it on and will plough on regardless If not challenged on this.

Bureaucrat said...

TVL bring nearly all of their cases by interviewing people and getting them to sign a record of the interview, which then becomes a confession. The procedure is fraught with problems and open to abuse but at present it is accepted by the courts. I'm unaware of TVL prosecuting people on the basis of what their goons have seen through a window.

A defendant that is acquitted is usually awarded costs but these are normally paid out of central funds rather than by Capita. A Magistrate has no power to award compensation to an acquitted defendant and I would strongly advise anyone not to call a judicial office holder a "BBC puppet" unless they want to be done for contempt of court.

Fred Bear said...

I haven't paid the BBC a penny for more than 20 years. The clown-goons stopped calling years ago. All they're after is commission to bump up their pathetic salaries. Once they realise there's no cash on offer they go looking for easy pickings elsewhere.