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Saturday, 20 January 2018

BBC Bans White Job Applicants

The BBC has attracted criticism for banning white applicants from a job.

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat - kind of like a no-frills, watered-down version of BBC News proper - is currently seeking a trainee multimedia journalist, but the only snag is that if you're white you need not apply. Applications from people of black, Asian and non-white ethnic minority backgrounds are welcomed.

According to the advert: "The successful trainee will be passionate and engaged in the world of journalism and will also offer a different perspective on stories that affect the key target audience of 16-25 year-olds. They would be expected to work on radio broadcasts, and online including the website and on social video."

There is some online debate about whether or not such an advert breaches equality legislation. The consensus seems to be that actually it doesn't, but in our opinion it's always best to recruit people based solely on their ability rather than their ethnicity or cultural background.

A BBC spokesperson said: "The Scheme is organised by Creative Access, an independent organisation dedicated to increasing diversity in the creative industries, whose other partners include ITV, United Agents, Faber and Faber, and John Murray.

"This is not a job, but simply a training and development opportunity. This training scheme is designed as a positive action scheme to address an identified under-representation of people from ethnic minority backgrounds in certain roles; such schemes are as allowed under the Equality Act and we’re proud to be taking part."

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Anonymous said...

I know if I were black and advertised a similar post, and put in only white people need apply, there would be a massive outcry and I would be upheld as racist.

Anonymous said...

The BBC never tell the truth. Your sexual orientation is what the Freemasons are interested in. They are obsessed with gender inversion. What they are really saying is transgendered only should apply as they are the ones who get all the jobs not genetic men and woman of whatever race or colour. They are playing the race card to cause division and a race war because they are tools of the establishment. I as a black person would not apply to work for a bunch of paedophiles who rip off the public and abuse innocent people and take advantage of and abuse people who are new to the UK and do not speak fluent English. If everyone is not treated the same then they can go to hell.

Admin said...

Thanks for the comments. As much as we loathe the BBC, we feel obliged to clarify that not everyone involved in the BBC is a paedophile or complicit in its sex crimes or corruption. Not everyone, but a significant minority no doubt?!