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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Gluttonous BBC Executives Claim £500k in Expenses

In the past 12 months the BBC's 99 top managers claimed more than £500k in expenses on top of their combined salary of almost £20m.

The BBC Director of Nations and Regions, Ken MacQuarrie, was by far the biggest porker. He claimed almost £31k in expenses on top of his £250k salary.

MacQuarrie, who led the BBC's investigation into the conduct of former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, claimed in excess of £3k on taxi fares, £17k on flights and Eurostar travel and £7k on hotels.

The second highest claim was £195k a year Chief Design Officer Colin Burns, who claimed for £28k, and third was £166k a year Head of News Gathering Jonathan Munro, who claimed just over £20k.

Figures obtained by the Sunday Express reveal than one unnamed executive, who was paid a salary of £214k, had the effrontery to reclaim 50 pence incurred during a flight between London and Dublin. The idea that he'd pay for his own Mars Bar was clearly offensive to him.

By way of comparison the BBC's highest paid executive, Director General Tony Hall, claimed just over £3k in expenses on top of his £450k salary.

A BBC spokesperson said: "The BBC is a major international broadcaster, and producing world-class programmes and services does involve executives having to travel sometimes. We have strict rules on expenses and these cover essential costs incurred in doing people's jobs, but value for money is always a priority."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

BBC Executives are fraudsters. These are tyrants who have the audacity to expose poor people and call them Benefit Scroungers via their tell-lie-vision pro-grammes using techniques to mind control viewers; whilst they get away with perpetual criminal activities for which they are never held to account as the legal system turns a blind eye.

Its about time these vile, character disordered narcissists / sociopaths / psychopaths were thrown in jail and stripped of all the money they have taken under false pretenses. They live in a fantasy world and get away with it. They have decided that our money should be their money and they abuse the public at every given opportunity and have been doing so for decades. They are parasites that are addicted to devising con tricks so that householders hand over their hard earned money. This is what mentally deranged narcissistic personality disordered individuals do. They are empty shells inhabited by entities. We do the work and they live off of us.

HMRC sits back and do not bother to investigate these criminals for misappropriation of funds and whatever else they get up to, but they will hound non BBC criminal Executives and threaten us with jail if we do not pay up.

Its about time the tranny perverts at the BBC received the justice they deserve. They are devious, lazy scam artists who must be exposed for what they really are. Pathological liars who are character disordered and their disordered behaviour must be rendered unacceptable in this society. Abusing, disrespectful, greedy, mentally ill, liberty taking, emotionally retarded opportunists who do not care should not be allowed to control the BBC. These degenerates will never ever change. They are fixed personalities who will keep pushing boundaries until the day they die. We must not sit back and allow these parasites to get away with it.

Question for the HMRC.

What do you propose to do about the massive fraud that is happening at the hands of parasitic money stealers at the BBC? Turning a blind eye is NOT an option.