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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

TV Licensing Targets Vulnerable Welsh Polish Family

This case is truly appalling. It shows TV Licensing exactly for what it is - an opportunist, money-grabbing shyster without an ounce of compassion.

Mr Andrzej and Mrs Tekla (these are their first names, not family names) live on the outskirts of Newport, South Wales with their two children. Mr Andrzej is a hardworking electrician, who brings home a modest £400 a week to care for his family. Mrs Tekla, who speaks virtually no English, stays at home to look after the couple's grown up son Mateusz, 23, who is bed bound with cerebral palsy.

Towards the end of April 2017 TV Licensing paid a visit to the unlicensed property. Mrs Tekla answered a knock at the door to find a TV Licensing goon stood on the doorstep.

The family TV set: Used as a CCTV monitor.

It should have been very apparent to the goon that Mrs Tekla spoke very little English, but he continued to fire questions at her anyway. He managed to establish that the family had a TV set, which it does, but failed to record the fact that it is only used as a CCTV monitor to keep an eye on Mateusz upstairs. With his clearly bigoted view that TV + no licence = evader, the goon completed the TVL178 Record of Interview in a manner that incriminated Mrs Tekla. Mrs Tekla tells us that she did not allow the TV Licensing goon access to the family home, so it therefore follows that she is being prosecuted entirely on the basis of her own confused, broken English comments.

She received a Single Justice Procedure Notice in the post, but given the circumstances returned a not guilty plea. The trial is now set for 25th October 2017 at Gwent & South Wales Magistrates' Court in Newport. It must be stressed that Mrs Tekla has needed considerable help to deal with the court paperwork, given her poor knowledge of English.

TV Licensing can't pretend there is any public interest in pursuing this prosecution: Mrs Tekla, who maintains her innocence, speaks barely any English; she didn't understand the goon's questions; she cares for her vulnerable, disabled son.

We have given enough information for TV Licensing to identify the case in question and would urge it to do the right thing and withdraw these charges now.

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Edit (23/10/17): We have posted an update to this case here.
Edit (10/11/17): TV Licensing has now decided to withdraw the charges against Mrs Tekla. More information here.


Anonymous said...

That goon needs naming and shaming he is utter scum.

M. SHAKEY said...

My son suffers from coarctation of the Aorta. This created a Ventricular Septal Defect which had to be corrected by invasive surgery but he still has the coarctation (narrowing as I understand the word to mean) which may have to be cured my major surgery later on in life. He also has (which I believe was created by the heart condition)... Sleep Apnoea... basically he stops breathing in his sleep.I had set up a 'TV-Set-Monitor' in the same manner as this family in order to monitor him whilst he slept.A representative from the BBC/TVL (a Mr Ian Doyle), came to my house, (some of you may know of this 'visit'), observed this 'setup', actually passed comment that he was 'reasonably sure' that I was not receiving 'live broadcasts' and like this family I later received a summons to Court. Some may know that I WON my case and I believe that my Defence Statement, which contains all of the details which I mentioned above, is in the 'Public Domain' somewhere for you to read. You have my deepest sympathies and I hope that you will be successful in Court.
There is a forum https://www.tvlicenceresistance.info/forum/index.php wher you might find some good help and advice. Regards... Shakey

Ed said...

Was toying with the idea of not renewing my tv Licence as nobody in the house watches it now. This decides it. I'm disgusted by the underhand tactics of tv licensing and sick opt the BBC anyway. Well done them for wasting valuable time and taxpayers money. I did jury service last yr and was told it costs £100,000 a week to run the courts. Poss per day, can't recall. All the best to this poor family.

Anonymous said...

Tell them you want all the evidence they are going to use in the trial and the person who called at the home on the day to appear to answer questions. They don't turn up they lose, or a warrant for their arrest should be issued, and another date set. More than likely they will offer no contest to the not guilty plea and the case will be thrown out.

Fred Bear said...

The TV Licence system has turned the BBC into an arrogant and greedy organisation.

Anonymous said...

If you are not native to this country might I suggest you deny them and access to the home, only speak in your native tongue, and insult them in your native tongue as much as possible? I bet they don't have many if any Polish, Algerian, German, EU nationals so go for it! They deserve all they get.