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Monday, 16 October 2017

TV Licensing Picks the Wrong Harassment Target

Not for the first time, TV Licensing has made a monumental error of judgement.

About a week ago, in the Essex town of Grays, a pair of TV Licensing vultures were riding the thermals on the hunt for an unemployed, prosthetic leg wearing, single mother to gorge upon. Sadly for them the next door they came across was actually that of TV Licensing nemesis Michael Shakespeare.

Michael Shakespeare, for those who don't already know, has a very interesting back history with TV Licensing. He does not legally require a TV licence and he does not suffer the fools at TV Licensing gladly. It would be entirely fair to say that Michael made an enemy of TV Licensing, which sank into the gutter in an effort to "get its man". You can read the full story, warts and all, in our earlier article.

The latest TV Licensing visitors to Michael's home identified themselves as Kyle and Graham. Video footage shows that Kyle, the more verbose of the pair, has a pre-existing injury to the bridge of his nose. Kyle stated that the purpose of the visit was to confirm a No Licence Needed declaration on the property, which is bizarre because no such declaration had been made.

Kyle also claimed that he didn't know anything about Michael's history with TV Licensing and that he didn't know Ian Doyle. He didn't seem to know that much really, which is strange given his apparent status as an Area Manager.

Graham just stood there passively observing the conversation between Kyle and Michael.

Michael calmly explained that TV Licensing had previously been inside the property to confirm that no licence was needed. Kyle said that the previous, non-existent claim had expired because it was made more than two years ago.

The whole interaction, with both sides tentatively stepping around each other, was bizarre in the extreme.

We'll be keeping a very close eye on how this one develops. The second TV Licensing tries any of its underhand funny business, we'll be the first to broadcast the fact.

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M. SHAKEY said...

Hello and thank you once again for writing about the slimy antics of the BBC's 'Vultures'. I would be most grateful if you would allow me to write a 'guest Blog' describing this visit in a little more detail.I would also be grateful if you would include this link into my 'Blog' somwhere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLl_wWIBkn4 and also a link to the contemporaneous notes as written by my 'Amicus Curiae' who accompanied me throughout the appeal trial. Many people still believe that the BBC doesn't.. do Fake news, support paedophiles, Fake footage for wildlife programs, or Fake trial exhibits against people who campaign strongly against the evil BBC 'licence fee'.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that "Mr. Doyle" is the phrase used and that Kyle knows of a "Mr. Doyle" but then says "I don't work for IAIN Doyle"! Curiouser and curiouser.

Admin said...

Actually Anon, we're not reading too much into the Ian Doyle comment. We know Michael spotted the same thing and has drawn the same conclusion that Kyle must have been lying. In our opinion the name Ian Doyle must be pretty well known at Capita TV Licensing, but that's not to say he is personally known by those who mention it. You could say the same about the names Andy Parker and Pipa Doubtfire, for example.