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Monday, 9 October 2017

Culture Secretary Targeted by TV Licensing

The Culture Secretary is under investigation for not having a valid TV licence.

TV Licensing sent a threatogram to the Rt. Hon. Karen Bradley MP after realising there was no TV licence registered to her Leek constituency office. She reportedly used WhatsApp, whatever that is, to ask fellow Conservative MPs if they had been in a similar situation. There was no response, so the story goes.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport, which Mrs Bradley runs, is responsible for the BBC, which oversees the TV licence.

Mrs Bradley has since been in touch with TV Licensing to declare the no-TV status of her office. This is one case, you might imagine, where TV Licensing actually does take the Culture Secretary's word that she doesn't need a TV licence. Of course if a member of her staff takes a sly look at the BBC iPlayer, then she could be in line for a fine of up to £1,000 (yawn).

You can read a brief snippet of this story in The Spectator.

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Fred Bear said...

All this stuff about 'investigations' is a load of old guff - on a par with their 'fleets of detector vans'. All that happens is the goons download some addresses at the start of their working week and set off with their TVL 178 self-incrimination forms. It's a door-to-door prosecution service - mostly they end up persuading women and people on benefits to incriminate themselves.

nonroadusr said...

Much respect to Mrs Bradley for not having a TV Licence. DON'T WATCH LIVE TV PEOPLE, ITS $HITE.

Mrs Bradley has lost some respect for contacting TV Licensing to declare the no-TV status of her office. THERE'S NO LEGAL OBLIGATION TO DO THAT.

Bureaucrat said...

It's a shame that Mrs Bradley didn't use the opportunity to challenge TVL's use of threatograms and pressure the BBC to stop using them.