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This blog is to highlight the unjust persecution of legitimate non-TV users at the hands of TV Licensing. These people do not require a licence and are entitled to live without the unnecessary stress and inconvenience caused by TV Licensing's correspondence and employees.

If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Monday, 21 August 2017

TV Licensing Target Students Using Orwellian Propaganda

TV Licensing is currently circulating these leaflets to student households.

In a throwback to George Orwell's classic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the message seems to be that Big Brother is always watching.

If you receive one of these, just remember that most of TV Licensing's claims are complete and utter bullshit. The reason TV Licensing churns out its noxious correspondence, is because it is far easier to scare people into compliance - irrespective of their legal need for a TV licence - than it is to catch evaders.

TV Licensing has no business with anyone that doesn't legally require a TV licence. Anyone in that situation should immediately put TV Licensing's letters in the bin and close the door on any TV Licensing goon that calls.

Nobody should make the mistake of engaging with TV Licensing. It is a thoroughly dishonest and unscrupulous organisation. TV Licensing employees should not be trusted.

We would encourage students to read our "Student Guide to TV Licence Rules" article for the complete picture that TV Licensing would never paint.

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Anonymous said...

TV Licensing are abusers who extort money through aggressive tactics. Students struggle to pay their way as it is because of overpriced University fees. Trading Standards should get tough with these parasites and prosecute them and close the organisation down. They must be told, either self-fund/run adverts or disappear.

TV Licensing are Terrorist Bullies who get away with abusing the public. They are parasites who have been causing habitat loss to thousand and thousands of wild animals and upsetting the balance of nature because they are wasting tons of paper on sending out UNNECESSARY letters of harassment to the public. A major reason why they should be forced out of business. Harassing laws apply to the general public but a different set of rules apply to the BBC aka TV Licensing.

Students should get together and hold TV Licensing to account for harassment. BBC is a monster organisation causing mayhem in Britain. They have the mindset of a three year old not getting what they want. If they can't get the toys they want they go and make life miserable for people by being a nuisance and having tantrums. The BBC is toxic, parasitic and well past its sell by date. The BBC are entitled to nothing from the public as they do not deliver an honest service in return for extorting money from households.

The BBC spend their time thinking of ways to harass and steal money from the public. Money they are legally not entitled.

Admin said...

Strong sentiments.
Apologies to any terrorist groups offended by the comparison to TV Licensing.