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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Red Faces All Around: BBC Forced to Release Talent Salary Details

The BBC has been left red-faced today after being forced to publish the salaries of high earning personalities on its payroll.

Under the terms of its recently renewed Royal Charter, the Corporation is required to publish the salary brackets of every member of staff earning over £150,000 a year. This information was published as an annex to the BBC Annual Report 2016-17 and can be viewed in full here.

The following BBC personalities have a salary in excess of £400,000:
  • Chris Evans - £2,200,000 to £2,249,999.
  • Gary Lineker - £1,750,000 to £1,799,999.
  • Graham Norton - £850,000 to £899,999.
  • Jeremy Vine - £700,000 to £749,999.
  • John Humphrys - £600,000 to £649,999.
  • Huw Edwards - £550,000 to £599,999.
  • Steve Wright - £500,000 to £549,999.
  • Matt Baker - £450,000 to £499,999.
  • Claudia Winkleman - £450,000 to £499,999.
  • Nicky Campbell - £400,000 to £449,999.
  • Alex Jones - £400,000 to £449,999.
  • Alan Shearer - £400,000 to £449,999.
  • Andrew Marr - £400,000 to £449,999.
  • Stephen Nolan - £400,000 to £449,999.
The total salary of the 96 personalities earning above £150,000 was £28.7 million, which is down from about £31 million in 2015-16.

Only one-third of the personalities listed are female. The top seven earners are all male. Chris Evans, the highest paid male personality, earns more than four times as much as Claudia Winkleman, the highest paid female personality. Huw Edwards receives at least £150,000 more than Fiona Bruce, who has a similar workload presenting BBC News programmes and also fronts The Antiques Roadshow.

Tony Hall, the Director General of the BBC, defended the Corporation's pay policy and apparent gender divide.

Asked about the fairness of Chris Evans' salary, he said: "Chris Evans is presenting the most popular show on the most popular network in Europe. Chris Evans would have a choice [of jobs], it might not be commercial radio but we do know that a number of presenters have been made offers by commercial radio. We also know we have lost people, not Chris, to Amazon and other big players. That is the market we are dealing with."

Hall said that the BBC was working towards pay equality between men and women on air.

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